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Putnam-Hauser Linen Quilt, November 2011

Putnam-Hauser Linen Quilt, 2011, 98″ x 110″, machine pieced, hand quilted, linen. The Putnam-Hauser family commissioned this king-sized, modern-improv quilt, made from 100% linen. They live in the Sunset district of San Francisco. We worked together to pick a subtle … Continue reading

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Repetition, Improv, and Trance Quilt Making

Welcome to Improv Mondays, a weekly series exploring improvisation in quilt making. Traditional quilt making involves a lot of repetition – from the cutting of shape-after-shape out of the cloth, to sewing the pieces together block-after-block, to the in-and-out of … Continue reading

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Walter F. Kenney, Jr., February 2011

Walter F. Kenney, Jr. 2011, 54″ x 48″, machine and hand-pieced, hand-quilted, from the clothing of Walter F. Kenney, Jr. Lauren Kenney asked me to make a memorial quilt out of her father’s clothes as a gift for her mother. … Continue reading

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Modern Improv Wool Log Cabin, 2011

This queen sized, modern quilt is made from re-purposed plaid wool shirts, suits, skirts and pants. The pattern is a log cabin improv. Continue reading

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