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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Shipping Pallets

All it takes is a little imagination to translate these stacked pallets into a score, a flexible pattern, using ruler-free strip piecing techniques. Continue reading

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Quilt Local by Heather Jones

Heather Jones isn’t afraid of working big and being surrounded by large spaces! Her quilts and book unclutter the mind and restore the soul. Continue reading

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What blocks and/or supports your improvisational flow?

Improvisors and quilt makers. I’m researching this question and need your input! Continue reading

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Modern Lamp

Isn’t this a beautiful modern lamp? I’m inspired by the concave rectangles of the shade and the base. This sketch may be the start of my first sale worthy, reproducible, modern Like this:Like Loading…

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Stones and Diamonds

I just loved this image of  stones and diamonds by Isabelle from Switzerland.  With Isa’s permission I’ve used her photo as the inspiration for my quilt pattern sketch this week. Isathreadsoflife’s blog is filled with beautiful pictures, seemingly taken all … Continue reading

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ [ ]

The quilt pattern inspiration for this week are [ ] parenthesis. See my interpretive sketch and it’s translation into an actual quilt block, made from re-purposed wool clothing. Continue reading

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ School Windows

The quilt pattern inspiration for this week are the orderly/disorderly school windows of Mission High. See the photo and my interpretive sketch. Continue reading

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