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june mandala / making do begins

Making do with what’s at hand is an accomplishment, a state of gratitude, a rhythm of attention, that feeds the spirit and restores the soul. Continue reading

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How do you fold your quilts?

The act of opening and closing a quilt whispers some sacred truth about the revelation of life’s moments and the hiding away of memory. Continue reading

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Talking Quilts with Eli Leon ~ Rosie Lee Tompkins

Eli considers this amazing quilt by Rosie Lee Tomkins as one of her best ten AND it has never been published! Don’t miss this exclusive! Continue reading

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I Ching Modern Quilt

The random pattern of this all linen quilt was created by chance through the process of throwing coins as prescribed by the I Ching. Continue reading

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A Visit With Eli Leon And His Quilts ~ Part 2

Eli Leon has collected over 1000 African-American quilts in the improvisational style but have you seen the seven quilts he’s made? Continue reading

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My Blue Bike Ride

Riding along the bay in East Oakland on a sunny Sunday afternoon in winter restores my rhythm of attention. Continue reading

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shooting corners

I’m going to survey regulars who live and work here: What creative thing could be done to change patterns of neglect and violence on our corner? Continue reading

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signed, sealed, submitted & feeling smart

A quilt is both a 3-dimensional and a 2-dimensional space. It unifies the visual waves of painting with the embodied elements of sculpture. Continue reading

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Repetition ~ act of saying over again

Repetition is the foundation for all pattern making. I was inspired by these wine barrels on Treasure Island today. Continue reading

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Color Channeling

My creative space becomes animated when work is flowing. So many subtle influences are at play. Continue reading

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I Ching Modern Quilt-along: Week 7 ~ Translating

Get out your graph paper and use your I Ching castings to decide on the form that your quilt will take. What does randomness look like? Continue reading

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Improv Monday ~ Pausing to See

Many hours of pausing to look at this quilt were required before I could commit to sewing the pieces together. Pauses are part of seeing.

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I’m Back! Sort of…

I continue to cultivate the spirit of community I felt at Penland, but I also want to include time for silence, study, reading, and meditation.

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Day Three at Penland ~ Cage, Limits, Scores and More!

It’s day three at Penland, and know one’s wasting time in the improv quilting workshop.

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The Role of Play in Improv Quilting

When you improvise, play with a goal to discover. It will make all the difference.

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The Myth of Randomness in Improv Quilting

Is improv quilting a random process? Or does improv produce randomness? I don’t think so, but randomness can play a role in improv.

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What is Improv Quilting?

Welcome to Improv Mondays, a series exploring improvisation in quilt making. Improvisation is about discovery, not about making a wonky log cabin.

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The Rhythm of Attention ~ Improv Quilt Making Workshop

I will be teaching an improvisational quilt making workshop June 26-July 8, at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina.

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Mini Keepsake Quilt-Along ~ Passage Quilting™ Tutorial ~ Part 2

In Part 2 of the Keepsake Quilt-Along, we review tips on how to improvise, as well as curve piecing techniques in order to build patchwork blocks or sections.

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A Thanksgiving for Creative Practice

What does it mean to be an artist? It’s about the truth of who I am in relationship to my self, to others, to my craft and to my being in the world. Continue reading

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