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a lucky BLUE bottle face day

I spied a graffiti Easter egg hanging in a tree. A down and out bottle face waiting there for me. Continue reading

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shooting corners

I’m going to survey regulars who live and work here: What creative thing could be done to change patterns of neglect and violence on our corner? Continue reading

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dreary on the outside ~ cozy on the inside

The intense red, fuschia, and orange re-purposed wool of this modern improvised take on the log cabin quilt is keeping me cozy on a dreary day. Continue reading

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One dead, two wounded in East Oakland shooting…

And I witnessed the crime scene seconds after the automatic gunfire stopped. I was quietly knitting the sleeves on a green sweater when the slaying went down. Continue reading

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visual influence ~ east oakland graffiti

I can tell that the visual influence of east Oakland is already impacting my color sense, as well as the energy tone, and forms of my quilt patterns. Continue reading

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My NeighborHOOD

Industrial East Oakland is covered with graffiti. Every once in a while the slate is wiped clean. Continue reading

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Tragedy and Trade Offs

Since I returned from Penland I’ve heard gun shots outside my apartment on three separate nights. A week ago Wednesday a man who was feeding the homeless was shot and killed in front of my apartment. Here’s a link to … Continue reading

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Horses In The Hood

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