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diy beauty / rose water

Rose water is a simple luxury, a button jar blessing, that’s easy to make. Use it daily as a face toner for a glowing, juicy complexion! Continue reading

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Death Valley Resilience

The Pinyon smelled so good when I crushed it. I imagined that this is the smell of the heart –of love being released. Continue reading

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Death Valley Bound… Again!

There will be no distinction between inside and out when I return to Death Valley. There will be no past or future, only the space of the present.
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My Blue Bike Ride

Riding along the bay in East Oakland on a sunny Sunday afternoon in winter restores my rhythm of attention. Continue reading

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retreating into community

Groups of knitters are fantastic, funny, and so appreciative of the effort anyone makes to knit. The love of yarn and craft is an instant bond. Continue reading

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surprise vacation

I’ve been secretly on vacation since last Tuesday. Saturday was my father’s 70th birthday, but since he reads my blog I couldn’t mention it. Continue reading

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Death Valley Defiance

Full of anger, sadness, shame and fear I climbed the canyon wall while kicking the ass of every last memory from the failed relationship. Continue reading

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