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faq ~ mending & binding

In my opinion, the work of the hand signifies devotion, and there is a certain amount of devotion inherent in mending a favorite shirt.

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Red Sweater Repair ~ Hand Embroidery

Wordless Wednesday mending a red sweater with a whip stitch followed by a contrasting top stitch.

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Mending My Granny Squares

Mending my granny squares isn’t exactly like minding your p’s & q’s, as many teachers and grandmothers have been known to say to rude and unruly children. There is nothing ruled about this mending job. My approach is completely freeform. … Continue reading

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Solstice Mending Tutorial

The solstice ritual is over. The shirt is off the mountainside and on the operating table. No more dreaming of mending and daisies. Wrong side up – I had to surgically remove two small portions from the inner placket of … Continue reading

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Solstice Mending Ritual

Sometimes mending requires anonymity. It can’t be known or visible to others. It’s not social, but best done in quiet contemplation, alone and with simplicity. It is the longest day of this year in my short life, the first day … Continue reading

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The Unpredictable Geography of Mending

When I mend a pair of worn out jeans, I begin with the obvious damage, but often the threadbare places go uncharted until I begin patching – and soon another previously unnoticed area erupts under the needle. My soul sometimes … Continue reading

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