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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt ~ The Gift of Clothing

Sunny’s western shirts, Wrangler chambray and a few Pendleton wools are his gift to his grandson, and the score for our quilt improvisation. Continue reading

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A Visit With Eli Leon And His Quilts ~ Part 2

Eli Leon has collected over 1000 African-American quilts in the improvisational style and has exhibited them widely but have you seen the seven quilts he’s made? Continue reading

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Bereavement Work

I can’t imagine the depth and pain of a client’s loss, but I can connect with it compassionately when I’m stitching on their quilt. Continue reading

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10yrs Mourning Stitching Remembering

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us, the war is still raging and I am still stitching the names of the dead onto these prayer banners. Many of you helped stitched names on navy blue coffins, during the virtual … Continue reading

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ready for quilting

The Dolores Wolfe memorial quilt is basted and ready to be quilted. Ruth Anne, Dolores’s daughter, will be joining me in June to begin the hand quilting as part of her bereavement process. Ruth Anne also wants to explore adding … Continue reading

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the remains

Most of the time my studio is clean and in a state of readiness. But once I start on a project, look out. There’s no going back… to pick up the pieces. I like a messy work room when I’m … Continue reading

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Can you see it now?

The trees, mountains, peaks, knolls and valleys… Emerging from bows, velvet, satin… wedding dress, t-shirts and burlap… Dolores Wolfe was a craftswoman and farmer who lived in Kentucky. She raised sheep, spun wool into yarn, and wove yarn into cloth. … Continue reading

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