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Piñata Anchor of Hope ~ Happy Birthday Mom

Remembering a geo-psychic, temporary public art project for the city of Durham, NC, that marked the beginning of urban (and personal) renewal.
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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt (1918-2011)

Because Rowan’s hands chose Sunny’s clothes, cut them apart, pieced them back together and participated in the slow process of hand-quilting, the result is not only a memorial to Sunny, but it also embodies the living relationship between them that resides in Rowan’s heart. Continue reading

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Improv Monday ~ Pausing to See

Welcome to Improv Monday! View the archive and please join the conversation! After a bang of initial energy, the linen quilt on my wall has remained untouched for almost three weeks… but finally PROGRESS! Many hours of pausing to look … Continue reading

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The Dying Salon and Embodied Art

Last week I was asked to present my work to Angela Hennessy’s class at the California College of the Arts, called The Dying Salon. This studio class for graduate and undergraduates explores themes of death, loss, and bereavement in contemporary … Continue reading

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Walter F. Kenney, Jr., February 2011

Walter F. Kenney, Jr. 2011, 54″ x 48″, machine and hand-pieced, hand-quilted, from the clothing of Walter F. Kenney, Jr. Lauren Kenney asked me to make a memorial quilt out of her father’s clothes as a gift for her mother. … Continue reading

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My Paris Coat ~ The Mender’s Sojourn

It’s been almost two months since I blogged from the perspective of the object being mended. In Surrender To The Mender I was the coat letting go and receiving “quality [ zocor alternative viagra | viagra tablets | viagra samples … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Virtual Sewing Circle

Even though the war in Iraq is supposedly over, deadly emotional ramifications continue to persist. Join me for a virtual sewing circle in honor of Veteran’s Day. Help stitch the names of soldiers who have died in the Iraq war as a meditative act of petition, prayer and compassion. Continue reading

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My Paris Coat ~ Surrender To The Mender

Wrapping my head around the concept of surrender was proving impossible, until I committed myself to playing the role of the coat, rather than the mender. Continue reading

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Knitting In The Sun

There are days in my studio when all I can do is knit. Especially on difficult emotional days when everything seems wrong, every cell in my body feels worn, and my mind can’t think through the fog. On those days … Continue reading

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Mod-Mood Quilt 2 ~ Get Your Mood On

What color are you today? Our souls know so many colors and emotions. Most of us experience several different, sometimes conflicting, emotions at once. It is this unique mix of transient emotions that defines my overall mood at any particular … Continue reading

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Dream vs Blog

I am the only artist at an outdoor business convention. There are people everywhere with booths giving things away, selling stuff, demonstrating – but there are no aisles or rows, everything is everywhere, chaos. I’m trying to decide if I … Continue reading

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The Unpredictable Geography of Mending

When I mend a pair of worn out jeans, I begin with the obvious damage, but often the threadbare places go uncharted until I begin patching – and soon another previously unnoticed area erupts under the needle. My soul sometimes … Continue reading

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