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Curating Colors for Patchwork Installation

Improv patchwork begins by setting a few limits, including color limits. This is exactly what I’ve been pleasantly busy doing this past week. Continue reading

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Color Riot! ~ Mod Mood Workshop at OCMQG

Over the course of two days this curve piecing, improv workshop gradually begins to explode with color and creativity! Continue reading

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I Ching Modern Quilt-along: Value, Intensity, Quantity

Value and intensity are two different things. Bright red has a dark value close to black, Bright yellow has the same light value as a pale blue. Continue reading

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Color Tips for Quilt Makers ~ The Importance of Value

Did you know that value is the first aspect of color registered by the eye? We see patterns primarily based on a color’s value. The value or the tone of a color is measured by it’s [ buy viagra in … Continue reading

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Color Inspiration ~ Giants Orange

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not typically a sports fanatic, but I have to admit that I’ve caught orange fever this season. I went to my first San Francisco Giants game in August, [ viagra doses | viagra from india … Continue reading

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Zinnias

Zinnias grown from my garden. I’m inspired by [ viagra online mexico | what if i take too much viagra | purchasing viagra in canada | viagra uk | viagra soft tabs | viagra prescription label | how much cialis … Continue reading

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Mod Mood Quilt Giveaway Winner

I enjoyed picking out a beautiful range of oranges for Debby Chester of NY, the winner of the giveaway. The 40th commenter out of 97, it seems that Debby was destined to win. Of all the entries she was the … Continue reading

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Beth El Piecework & Vivid Colors

Follow my process re-posts of the Beth El Synagogue Torah Mantels. October 20, 2009 Many hours spent cutting and piecing 1/2″ to 1″ strips from clothing donated by congregation. Also mixing prints with solid silk shantung that was purchased for … Continue reading

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Mod-Mood Quilt Giveaway ~ Mod-Mood Quilt Button

My moods so far this summer haven’t been fantastic, but on the upside my quilt is looking great. Using my moods to set color parameters has broken me out of my usual color preferences. These color combinations are not what … Continue reading

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Mod-Mood Quilt 2 ~ Get Your Mood On

What color are you today? Our souls know so many colors and emotions. Most of us experience several different, sometimes conflicting, emotions at once. It is this unique mix of transient emotions that defines my overall mood at any particular … Continue reading

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Mod-Mood Quilt 1 ~ Get Your Chart On

Thanks for joining me on the Modern Mood Quilt Craft-along as we explore and manifest our summertime emotions. Let’s go! Step 1: Create YOUR mood color chart A: Organize your fabulous collection of fabrics by color. You don’t have to … Continue reading

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Mod Mood Quilt Along

Ever since my fascination with mood rings when I was a kid in the 70’s, I’ve been drawn to the symbolic, cultural, and emotional aspects of color. When I came across this mood-color chart (replicated above in hand-dyed fabrics) a … Continue reading

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Hand Dyed Color Picker

Woohoo! I spent ALL day today in the basement of my studio building dyeing fabric. It’s back breaking work, but oh the colors! So this is the raw yardage for my next series of color studies. It’s taken me months … Continue reading

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