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Jerrod Allen Nickelson (1977-2013)

These three quilts were made from the clothing of Jerrod Allen Nickelson, one for each of his three children. With the help of their mother, each child chose specific items that best carried their memory of and relationship to him. What satisfied … Continue reading

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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt (1918-2011)

Because Rowan’s hands chose Sunny’s clothes, cut them apart, pieced them back together and participated in the slow process of hand-quilting, the result is not only a memorial to Sunny, but it also embodies the living relationship between them that resides in Rowan’s heart. Continue reading

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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt ~ Improvisational Patchwork

The improvisational patchwork process mirrors the re-orientation of bereavement. Continue reading

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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt ~ The Gift of Clothing

Sunny’s western shirts, Wrangler chambray and a few Pendleton wools are his gift to his grandson, and the score for our quilt improvisation. Continue reading

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Bereavement Work

I can’t imagine the depth and pain of a client’s loss, but I can connect with it compassionately when I’m stitching on their quilt. Continue reading

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a new quilt taking shape

I’ve been asked to create a memorial quilt for Ruth Anne from the clothing of her mother, Dolores Wolfe. Ruth Anne began this quilt herself in the Passage Quilting™ Workshop that I taught in Cincinnati last fall. She asked me … Continue reading

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Mini Keepsake Quilt-Along ~ Passage Quilting™ Tutorial ~ Part 1

I am so impressed with all of the comments about ideas and materials for keepsake quilts, by those of you who entered the Whip Up Mini Quilt Book Giveaway. The possibilities are endless. Choosing Your Materials If you have gathered … Continue reading

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Walter F. Kenney, Jr., February 2011

Walter F. Kenney, Jr. 2011, 54″ x 48″, machine and hand-pieced, hand-quilted, from the clothing of Walter F. Kenney, Jr. Lauren Kenney asked me to make a memorial quilt out of her father’s clothes as a gift for her mother. … Continue reading

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Red Sweater Repair ~ Hand Embroidery

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Modern Improv Wool Log Cabin, 2011

This queen sized, modern quilt is made from re-purposed plaid wool shirts, suits, skirts and pants. The pattern is a log cabin improv. Continue reading

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Passage Quilting™ Bereavement Workshop in Cincinnati

In December I was invited to lead a bereavement, memorial quilt making workshop in Cincinnati. Six people attended, each with the loss of a child, parent, or close friend. [ viagra through canada | where to get viagra | viagra … Continue reading

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Plaid Wool Modern Quilt Improv

Finally, I’m making progress in patching together these re-purposed wool shirts into a modern improvised bed quilt. I was stuck for a while, so when I began working yesterday [ baby on viagra | viagra buy viagra | cialis alternative … Continue reading

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My Paris Coat ~ The Mender’s Sojourn

It’s been almost two months since I blogged from the perspective of the object being mended. In Surrender To The Mender I was the coat letting go and receiving “quality [ pfizer viagra | viagra store in canada | women … Continue reading

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DIY Carfree Carefree Bicycle Jacket

Ever since my car was torched at the end of September, I’ve been car-free in San Francisco. I’ve decided to stay that way for the immediate future. I’m saving a ton of [ prescription cialis | where to get viagra … Continue reading

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Running Out of Wool ~ Repurposing Thrift Store Finds

The improvised [ ] quilt pattern is coming along. My favorite blocks are in the right column. My intention is to make a queen sized quilt, but I’m running out of wool. The star [ overnight canadian viagra | gnc … Continue reading

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ [ ]

The quilt pattern inspiration for this week are [ ] parenthesis. See my interpretive sketch and it’s translation into an actual quilt block, made from re-purposed wool clothing. Continue reading

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Making Memorial Quilts from the Clothing of the Beloved

Announcing a Passage Quilting Workshop in Cincinnati, OH. This is a hands-on bereavement process, making memorial quilts from the clothing of the beloved. Continue reading

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My Paris Coat ~ Mending My Life

I have a favorite coat I’ve been wearing for at least 12 years. It was made in Paris, but I received it second hand. I have a favorite life. It’s the one that I’m living every day. Like my coat it’s become worn with stains and riddled with small holes over time. Mend-along with me as I repair my coat and my life during a time of transition. Continue reading

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Beth El Synagogue Torah Mantels, 2010

In 2009, Beth El Synagogue in Durham, NC commissioned me to make five Torah mantels, or coverings from clothing and kippot, donated by the congregation. Members of the congregation string-pieced some of the materials for the project during a one-day … Continue reading

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Mending My Granny Squares

Mending my granny squares isn’t exactly like minding your p’s & q’s, as many teachers and grandmothers have been known to say to rude and unruly children. There is nothing ruled about this mending job. My approach is completely freeform. … Continue reading

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