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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt (1918-2011)

Because Rowan’s hands chose Sunny’s clothes, cut them apart, pieced them back together and participated in the slow process of hand-quilting, the result is not only a memorial to Sunny, but it also embodies the living relationship between them that resides in Rowan’s heart. Continue reading

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Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt ~ Improvisational Patchwork

The improvisational patchwork process mirrors the re-orientation of bereavement. Continue reading

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a lucky BLUE bottle face day

I spied a graffiti Easter egg hanging in a tree. A down and out bottle face waiting there for me. Continue reading

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My Blue Bike Ride

Riding along the bay in East Oakland on a sunny Sunday afternoon in winter restores my rhythm of attention. Continue reading

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christmas knitting

It’s a dreary Thursday in Oakland, but I’m cozy in my studio with my morning cup coffee and my Christmas knitting projects. Continue reading

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curve improv quilting and the uncertainty principle

Position and momentum can not be known simultaneously when you are dealing with modern improv curved piecing! Continue reading

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end of day iron glow

ironing at the end of the day Continue reading

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Sprucing Up

This sad UGLY pillow has been sitting around my apartment forever. So I checked my stash and pulled out a nice big piece of vintage fabric. Got out my tools… Revved up my sewing machine… And stitched up an extra … Continue reading

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Stitching Blues

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YOSS2011 SEP 17&18/24

9.1-9.30.2011 A week of fun with my sister in San Francisco, attended a wedding, and a birthday party for my friend Tamara, enjoyed lots of sunshine and warm weather, hiking, camping, a day lolly-gagging at Stinson Beach… and knitted my … Continue reading

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10yrs Mourning Stitching Remembering

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us, the war is still raging and I am still stitching the names of the dead onto these prayer banners. Many of you helped stitched names on navy blue coffins, during the virtual … Continue reading

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Horses In The Hood

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Blue Bias

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