Modern Scrap Quilts

These Modern Scrap quilts are created as simply as possible from middle-class, home-decor items scavenged from thrift shops. Materials used include blankets, doilies, toilet seat covers, a crocheted poncho, bath mats, afghans, table cloths, plastic flowers and decorative trim.

4 Responses to Modern Scrap Quilts

  1. Ana in South Jersey says:

    Call me crazy (maybe!) but my favorite is the toilet-seat-covers quilt! I think it is BEAUTIFUL! I remember as a child, my mother Mom redoing the bathroom decor every week – simply and tastefully, mind you :-) … and today, I do the same, as does Mom, to this day! … and we have at least a dozen colorful covers! Your quilt makes me smile! Thank you!

  2. Love the afghan with the large green embroidered circle and the smaller orange circle within, wonderful!

  3. Beth Anne Fields says:

    I was admiring your quilts, fabulous work!

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