Test Quilts

Over 250 people signed on to test quilt the ten scores for The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters – without visual references. There were 165 quilts completed and submitted for inclusion into the book.

The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood, photo by Sara Remmington

Only 22 of the test quilts were included in the book, but all 165 of the test quilts submitted can be seen in the online test quilt galleries below. I hope you agree that all of them are worthy examples of the scores, each in their own way.

The efforts and critical feedback of the test quilters definitively shaped the content of the ten scores, or flexible patterns, included in The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters. Each of the ten Test Quilt Galleries corresponds with a different score featured in the book.

  1. Score for Floating Squares Gallery
  2. Score for Strings Gallery
  3. Score for Improv Round Robin Gallery
  4. Score for Patchwork Doodle Gallery
  5. Score for Modern Block Improv Gallery
  6. Score for Rhythmic Grid Gallery
  7. Score for Layered Curves Gallery
  8. Score for Bias Strip Petals Gallery
  9. Score for Get Your Curve On Gallery
  10. Score for Showing Up Gallery

May you feel inspired and encouraged to know that there are an infinite number of interpretations for every score. As you take up your copy of The Improv Handbook and try your hand at improvising from the scores remember the lesson of these test quilters and their amazing quilts:

There is NO ONE WAY to proceed, and the ONLY WAY to succeed is YOUR WAY.  

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