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a f t e r l i f e / it’s show time!

My goal was not to speak through, of, or for the materials but to speak in conversation with them. Continue reading

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make do quilt challenge & giveaway

If 1 million active quilt makers in the US made one quilt from discarded materials this year, how many pounds would be spared from the landfill? Continue reading

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making do / unexpected juxtopositions

Both finds at Recology were curtains of sorts but with different narratives – red and white, purity and passion, milk and blood, virgin and whore Continue reading

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ruler-free patchwork at the alameda free library

Ruler-free patchwork will be demonstrated and performed on the spot according to suggestions received from the audience. Continue reading

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quiltcon 2017 workshops

I’m debuting three new workshops and a new lecture on flow at QuiltCon 2017. Fingers crossed you get your heart’s desire on registration day! Continue reading

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make do with me

Quilt making is a model for reclaiming the legacy of making do at a critical time of cultural, economic, and environmental transition. Continue reading

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june mandala / making do begins

Making do with what’s at hand is an accomplishment, a state of gratitude, a rhythm of attention, that feeds the spirit and restores the soul. Continue reading

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diy beauty / rose water

Rose water is a simple luxury, a button jar blessing, that’s easy to make. Use it daily as a face toner for a glowing, juicy complexion! Continue reading

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buttons / freddy freckles

My #1 button of joy, Freddy Freckles shakes and squirms, nips and twitches, and eventually snuggles in, warm, damp and sweet after his bath. Continue reading

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may mandala / gathering resources

Buttons are like blessings. When resources seem sparse, the value of each singular button and simple blessing becomes clear. Continue reading

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see you at quiltcon east

I’m honored to be teaching and speaking at Quiltcon East, in beautifully gothic Savannah Georgia in 2017, with an amazing line-up of new and familiar faces. Continue reading

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april mandala / harmony

Living in harmony with others, especially in a diverse, high density city with huge disparities in wealth, like the San Francisco Bay area, can be disturbing, shocking, and even more cathartic than I ever imagined. Continue reading

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Get Your Curve On 2-day workshop, May 21-22 Seattle Area

If you are near the Seattle area don’t miss this 2-day improv quilting workshop with curves. Continue reading

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March 2016 Mandala: Percolating

A trifecta of purification, SIMULTANEOUS transformation by fire, water, and air! What’s percolating in your creative life this month?
Continue reading

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February 2016 Mandala ~ Branching Fragrantly from my Center

When stuck in the YES BUTS the way I step outside my dissatisfied judgmental mind is to invoke my sense of curiosity and begin saying YES AND… Continue reading

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DIY ~ Inset Sewing Machine Table

How I inset my Juki TL-98E home sewing machine into a table and lined it with old rotary cutting mats. Continue reading

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January 2016 Mandala ~ Simplicity Tools Basics

These old hand stitching tools remind me that life is too short to be on the computer all the time. Continue reading

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Remembering 2015

What an amazing year of meeting quilt makers where they live. Continue reading

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Jerrod Allen Nickelson (1977-2013)

These three quilts were made from the clothing of Jerrod Allen Nickelson, one for each of his three children. With the help of their mother, each child chose specific items that best carried their memory of and relationship to him. What satisfied … Continue reading

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Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Shipping Pallets

All it takes is a little imagination to translate these stacked pallets into a score, a flexible pattern, using ruler-free strip piecing techniques. Continue reading

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