Linking and Licensing


All original content and images posted on © 2010-2013 by Sherri Lynn Wood. All rights reserved.


I am honored whenever someone links to my blog or creates a quilt based on one of my patterns, or scores for improvisation. You are always welcome and encouraged to link to my website whenever my work is mentioned on your blog without prior permission.

When linking please include my name, and/or the name of my blog in your post, along with a content rich link, such as “See Sherri Lynn Wood’s post on mending jeans at Or you can link to my name or my blog name, “I discovered this curve piecing tutorial on”  Sherri Lynn Wood’s quilt was an inspiration for my bee blocks.

If possible please don’t link to my site with words like “here” or “this.” As far as the search engines are concerned this is a wasted link for both you and me, since no one searches a topic using the word “here.”

Non-Commericial Use

I am more than happy to grant permission for use of my original content and images for non-commercial purposes free of charge, but please:

  • Request permission
  • Credit and Link my name in the text as outlined above
  • Link the image itself back to my blog. Please link the image to even if you pulled it off of my flickr account or from another source.

Commercial Use

If you will be making money from the use of my original content or images, either online, in a book, in the classroom, or in any other way, please request permission. I will likely, but not always, request a reasonable fee for use.  Contact me.