2017 Teaching Schedule

WOW! I have an exciting lineup of workshops scheduled for 2017. Highlights include my first international visits to Mad About Patchwork in Ottawa and The Workroom in Toronto in April/May, and the New Zealand National Quilt Symposium in Christchurch and to several Modern Quilt Guilds in Australia during October/November. I’m also teaching multiple day workshops at several regional and national quilt conferences including  QUILTCON in Savanna, the Broward Quilt Expo in Fort Lauderdale and Sew OK in Oklahoma City. For folks interested in something more, I will be facilitating a two-week intensive workshop on Making Do at Penland School of Craft in NC at the end of June. Wherever you live I hope you can meet me at one of these events. And if not please consider inviting me to your neck of the woods in 2018! Check out my list of current workshop offerings, and a couple of sweet testimonials by former students.

Amador Valley Quilters
Pleasanton, CA
Improvise! Creating, Quilting & Living Courageously — Presentation (show up)
Saturday January 14, 1:30PM
Improvisation is at the heart of living creatively. Music, dance, theater, drawing, cooking, conversation, play, child rearing, and even science benefit from the flexibility of mind that improvisational process engenders. We all improvise every day. Attendees will leave with mind tools, tips and a fresh perspective on how to apply improv skills learned in life to their patchwork – and vice versa!

Improv Patchwork Doodle — 6hr Workshop (sold out)
Sunday January 15, 10AM – 4PMDoodling is the model for this playful approach to improvisational patchwork. Letting go of expectations, participants will practice building patterns with simple shapes and negative space, while learning ruler-free patchwork techniques. It is a flowing YES, AND “drawing” that accepts and builds on what comes immediately before. Like a doodle it is not planned nor is it random – it’s responsive… and plenty of fun!

Savannah, GA
Improvise! Setting Limits to Find Your Flow — Presentation (register)
Thursday February 23, 5 – 5:45PM“Happiness is the place between too little and too much.” The restorative benefits of improv come from the experience of flow. In the flow of the present moment, there is no anxiety, planning, or the need to control future outcomes. Learn how to set flexible patchwork limits tailored to your goals and comfort level that support your creative flow, by listening for internal cues. Discover your personal sweet spot between too little and too much in order to let go and let it flow the first or next time you’re piecing on the edge of the unknown!

Ruler Free Strip Piecing — 3hr Workshop (sold out)
Thursday February 23, 6 – 9PMExplore intuitive color, make narrative relationships, articulate your line, find your flow and discover your preferences as we experiment with three methods of choosing — random, spontaneous and planned — to create expressive ruler-free strip pieced foundations. The results can be utilized with stunning effect remixed in fixed and flexible quilt patterns, or other home and fashion sewing projects.

Make Do with Old Clothes and a Pair of Scissors — 6hr Workshop (sold out)
Saturday February 25, 9AM – 5PMDiscover the satisfaction of transforming old clothes into striking functional quilts that carry meaning and message. Learn deconstruction strategies for preserving architectural elements like pockets, plackets, necklines, and sleeve curves, which serve as the score or set of limits for improvising the patchwork. Stabilize and combine different types and weights of materials, including silk, linen, knits, poly, wool, and denim. Build scissor muscles along with ruler-free rotary cutting confidence, incorporate stash scraps, and learn how to compose with natural fitting shapes and bleeds. Harness the emotional energy of the relationship you have with the materials to guide your process.

Score for Rhythmic Grid — 6hr Workshop (sold out)
Sunday February 26, 9AM – 5PMThe Score for Rhythmic Grid is like a patchwork Rubik’s Cube. Working with the basic square-within-a-square pattern, the goal of this score or flexible pattern, featured in “The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters,” is to create a rhythmic grid with two different sashings that traverse the surface of the quilt. Confused? That’s the best place start! The beauty of your improvised quilt will shine through the process of figuring it out. There is no right or wrong solution, only the adventure of discovery! Employ ruler-free patchwork techniques and build your skills of approximation and making-do along the way.

Broward Quilt Expo
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Improvise! Creating, Quilting & Living Courageously — Presentation (register)
Wednesday March 8, 7PM
Get Your Wedge Curve On — 6hr Workshop (register)
Thursday March 9, 9AM – 4PMGet your wedge-curve, mod-mood, groove on in this improvisational quilt-making workshop. Participants will commit one step at a time, as they explore advanced approaches to improvised patchwork and composition, develop a personal/intuitive language of color, and learn ruler-free, wedge-curve, piecing techniques.

Modern Block Improv — 6hr Workshop (register)
Friday March 10, 9AM – 4PMThe goal of improvisational patchwork is flexible patterning. Participants will start with a favorite fixed or “traditional” block pattern and gradually transform it through a series of repetitions and variations. Without the use of rulers, templates or instructions to guide them, they will gain a deeper sense of how patterns evolve, while learning ruler-free patchwork and composition techniques along the way.

Ruler-Free Strip Piecing — 3hr Workshop (register)
Saturday March 11, 9AM – 1PM

Friendship Knot Quilters’ Guild 
Sarasota, FL
Improvise! Creating, Quilting & Living Courageously — Presentation (show up)
Monday April 17, 7 PM
Modern Block Improv — 6hr Workshop (register)
Monday April 17, 9AM – 4PM

Get Your Bias-Strip Curve On — 6hr Workshop (register)
Tuesday April 18, 9AM – 4PMGet your bias-strip curve on and celebrate your mistakes! Participants will learn the innovative ruler-free technique of bias-strip piecing on the curve, how to flatten internal bubbles as they arise, with options to apply the technique in fixed block or improvisational compositions. This is an advanced technique that takes time to master but worth the effort. Imagine the possibilities!

Mad About You Patchwork
Ottawa, Canada
Modern Block Improv — 6hr Workshop (register)
Friday April 29, 9AM – 4PM
Get Your Wedge Curve On — 6hr Workshop (register)
Saturday April 29, 9AM – 4PM

The Workroom
Toronto, Canada
Improvising from a Score — 6hr Workshop (register)
Sunday April 30, 10AM – 5PMWith jazz music, a score, or lead sheet, indicates basic chord changes, and arrangements of a song without specifying how the song should be performed. Now imagine a score written to perform a quilt!  In this ruler-free improv workshop participants will explore the key concept of how to set limits to support your creative flow. Finding your flow not only feels super good, it actually replaces the need of having to work from a plan. Participants will also learn basic ruler-free sewing techniques and leave with the confidence to create your own patchwork scores for future improvisational projects.

Modern Block Improv — 6hr Workshop (register)
Tuesday May 2, 10AM – 5PM
Get Your Wedge Curve On — 6hr Workshop (register)
Wednesday May 3, 10AM – 5PM

San Francisco Quilters Guild
San Francisco, CA
Making Do: Quilts from Recyclables
Tuesday May 16, 6:30PM — Presentation (show up)Sherri talks about her residency last year at Recology San Francisco, where she produced an amazing body of fiber art from an abundance of found objects. “Making do is not only about solving a problem with what’s at hand … it also fostered within me a collaborative, receptive, and improvisational rhythm of attention marked by acceptance, and respect for how things are, with room for what showed up, including mistakes, and deviations from any or all previous plans.”

Make Do with Old Clothes and a Pair of Scissors — 6hr Workshop (register)
Saturday May 20, 10AM – 4PM

Penland School of Craft
Penland, NC
Making Do — 2-week Intensive Workshop (register)
Session 3: June 27 – July 7Connecting to patchwork quilting’s roots in scarcity, we’ll employ the practice of “making do” to activate a level of creativity that may only be possible when we are freed from unlimited choice. We’ll use ruler-free piecing techniques and improvisational process to create patchwork from discarded clothing, scavenged materials, and/or materials charged with memory. As we recognize and collaborate with the natural shapes and limitations of our materials, surprising geometries will be revealed. You may finish your patchwork into a quilt or take it to a conceptual or three-dimensional level.

Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild
Knoxville, TN
TBA — 6hr Workshop (register)
Sunday July 9, 1 – 7PM

Sew OK
Oklahoma City
Get Your Curve-On — 2-day Workshop (register)
July 28 – 30Get your curve on in this improvisational quilt-making workshop. Learn innovative ruler-free techniques for building wedged curves and for bias-strip piecing on the curve. Learn how to incorporate both techniques without a plan, into a finished composition, by committing one step at a time while celebrating mistakes! You will learn advanced approaches to improvised composition, develop a personal/intuitive language of color, and learn advanced ruler-free curve piecing techniques.

Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild
Chattanooga, TN
TBA — Presentation
Friday August 25, 6:30PM
TBA — 6hr Workshop
Saturday August 26, 10AM – 5PM
TBA — 6hr Workshop
Sunday August 27, 10AM – 5PM

New Zealand National Quilt Symposium
Christchurch, NZ
Get Your Wedge Curve On — 2-day Workshop (register)
Friday & Saturday October 6 – 7, 9AM – 4:30PMImprov Round Robin — 6hr Workshop (register)
Sunday October 8, 9AM – 4:30PMGet Your Bias Strip Curve On — 2-day Workshop (register)
Monday & Tuesday October 9 – 10, 9AM – 4:30PM

Australian Tour 
October 18 – November 13, 2017
Now booking events in Australia. If you know of a guild or shop in Australia interested in hosting me during these dates please have them contact me immediately.

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  2. South Florida Modern Quilt Guild members are really looking forward to your workshops at Broward Quilt Expo in Ft Lauderdale!

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