March 2016 Mandala: Percolating

coffee pot mandala

Be careful what you intend! When I shot the image for this mandala on January 3, 2016 to represent my creative intention for the month of March, I wasn’t thinking too deeply about what it means to percolate.

Let’s talk about SIMULTANEOUS transformation by fire, water and air! Think of what those poor humble and raw coffee grounds have to go through before becoming a delicious cup of well brewed coffee. There is intense heat penetrating to their core to melt away rigidity and unlock hidden flavor, there is air literally blasting away to create space for the grounds to expand and release, and water rushing through to purify and rinse the flavor home.

Well that’s been my month so far! March is turning out to be a month of percolating solitude and clearing of stuck subtle energies, mental and emotional habits. Percolation hasn’t been a picnic, it’s still going on, and yet I have hope that this trifecta of purification will add up to a delicious, fresh brew when it’s over.

What’s percolating in your creative life this month?

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One Response to March 2016 Mandala: Percolating

  1. annabelle says:

    My daddy used a percolator for his coffee when I was growing up. I can hear it now and smell it, he liked his coffee strong. I think there is always some part of my life that is percolating. Especially the ‘blasting away to create space’ part of the process.
    I’m really enjoying your book Sherri, it has been so freeing to let go of predetermined rules and perfections. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with all of us. And I do hope you get to do another sometime.
    My score #1

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