Remembering 2015

Screenshot 2015-10-18 22.07.08It was a big year…

Maybe my biggest ever regarding my professional life. The release of my first book, The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters, in April, and the subsequent embrace of it’s message in the community of quilt makers, surpassed my hopes for it’s success. Almost everyday I receive an email or a shout out on Instagram or Facebook from a reader about how much the book has resonated and inspired them.

It may seem like fan stuff from an outsider, but to me each note of appreciation from someone touches me deeply and gives me a sense of meaning and belonging. I feel like a geek admitting this, but sometimes when I’m feeling deeply alone these little messages from strangers light up the darkness and show me a way out of any pitiful false stories I may be dwelling in.

Many thanks to all who have embraced The Improv Handbook and it’s message. If you feel so inclined I encourage you to review The Improv Handbook on Amazon and/or on Goodreads. I hope the book will continue to go out into the world as more and more people are curious to explore improvisation and flexible pattern patchwork.

Meeting quilt makers on the road…

A big part of the book release was touring across the country, and meeting quilt makers everywhere! Thanks to all of the people who helped me organize the tour including Modern Quilt Guild leaders in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland/Berkeley, Asheville, Denver, Lincoln/Omaha, Raleigh/Durham, Winston-Salem, Cincinnati, and St. George. Thanks to all of the organization and venues who hosted me – Stitch ModernSew ModernRosie’s Calico CupboardUnited Church of Chapel HillThimble PleasuresSewingly YoursMalaprops BookstoreSewn StudiosInternational Quilt Study Center and MuseumFancy Tiger, and Scrap Apple Quilts.

Teaching at Quiltcon…

Even though I’d been quilting for over 20 years when I started this blog in 2010, I was an outsider to the online Modern Quilt movement. I have to thank the national Modern Quilt Guild for continuing to invite me to be on their roster of teachers at QuiltCon. Being invited to teach as a virtual unknown in 2013, was a huge opportunity for me, to be invited back in 2015, 2016, and 2017 is an honor. It has allowed me to meet quilt makers from all over the country and abroad. This in turn has led to opportunities to teach at individual guilds and special conferences.

And guilds across the country…

I am so thankful to all the guilds and guild leaders who have believed in me and have hosted me so graciously in 2015. It is one of the most satisfying parts of my life, being the teacher! Being trusted by each student to lead and guide the creative unfolding of their workshop experience, and watching people grow and embrace their authentic expression feeds me on a deep level. I always feel so connected to my wonderful students and the progress they make in their work. Thank you to all the organizer and students at Chicago MQG, Camp Stitch-a-lot, Aunt Mary’s Quilt Shop, the Seattle MQG, the Fidalgo Island Quilters, Kansas City MQG, A Gathering of Stitches, New Hampshire MQG, SeaCoast MQG, LAMQG, San Diego MQG, Triangle MQG, FrontRange MQG, Quilting By The Lake, Bay Area MQG, Pittsburgh MQG, Quilt Guild of the Villages, Mt. Tam Quilt Guild, and the Quilt Guild of Contra Costra County!

Find out where I’m teaching and speaking in 2016! I still have openings in the fall of 2016, and 2017 – if your guild or organization is interested check out my workshop offerings!

Interviews, magazines, blogs and podcasts…

improv handbook in SF ChronicleAnother favorite part of the book release was being interviewed for so many amazing podcasts, blogs, and magazines. Each interviewer had a unique approach to asking questions, and I so enjoyed getting to know each of the interviewers, and the opportunity to share my perspective.

Sew LeWitt…

Sherri Lynn Wood - Sew LeWitt - Adobe Books San Francisco

Just check it out!

Watching you all grow, and doing it YOUR way!

Finally a shout out to all of the amazing improvisors out there -the first timers and the more experienced. I’ve been so impressed watching so many quilt makers jump in and doing their own thing. Beginning with The Improv Handbook Test Quilters – I’m reading reviews of my book saying that many folks like the test quilts in the book better than mine! I think that’s awesome. I was blown away that their were 18 Improv Handbook test quilts represented at QuiltCon 2015!

And I’ve been blown away by the level of discussion and participation, and of course the amazing quilts being posted daily in The Improv Handbook Facebook Group by the 1400+ members. You’ve got to check this out! If you are up for some improv in 2016 members of the FB Group will be working through the book’s scores one month at a time beginning in January.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 3.14.50 PM

Also sew along with Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color as she continues to work through the scores in The Improv Handbook. Her insights on the process and her outcomes are surprising and inspiring.


What an amazing year of meeting quilt makers where they live. My friendships and colleagues have multiplied! I’ve been blessed beyond belief and I’m looking forward to exploring 2016 with you! THANK YOU!

Sherri Lynn Wood

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