Improv Handbook Test Quilter Blog Hop

Over 250 people signed on to test quilt the ten scores for The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters – without visual references. There were 165 quilts completed and submitted for inclusion into the book.

The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood, photo by Sara Remmington

Only 22 of the test quilts were published in the book, but all 165 of the test quilts can be viewed in the online test quilt galleries linked below. I hope you agree that all of them are worthy examples of the scores, each in their own way.

  1. Score for Floating Squares
  2. Score for Strings Gallery
  3. Score for Improv Round Robin Gallery
  4. Score for Patchwork Doodle Gallery
  5. Score for Modern Block Improv Gallery
  6. Score for Rhythmic Grid Gallery
  7. Score for Layered Curves Gallery
  8. Score for Bias Strip Petals Gallery
  9. Score for Get Your Curve On Gallery
  10. Score for Showing Up Gallery

The efforts and feedback of the test quilters significantly shaped the ten scores, or flexible patterns, featured in The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters. As you view the galleries, may you feel inspired and encouraged to know that there are an infinite number of interpretations for every score.

Test Quilters’ Process July Blog Hop

The Test Quilt Galleries also include links to process posts written by many of the test quilters describing their unique improv experiences. These process posts are inspiring and I’m happy to introduce another round in July.

July 1: The Quilting Edge by Marianne Haak with giveaway!

July 3: Andrew Steinbrecher

July 6: Heather Kojan Quilts with giveaway!

July 8: Fiber Antics by Veronica

Date TBD: Latifah Saafir Studios

July 16: Marion’s Journal

I will be updating these links as the posts are published. May you enjoy and be inspired to improvise YOUR WAY!

All images from The Improv Handbook are copyrighted (c) 2015 Sara Remington unless otherwise noted, and all text and illustrations (c) 2015 Sherri Lynn Wood, and can not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the publisher Stewart, Tabori, & Chang.
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6 Responses to Improv Handbook Test Quilter Blog Hop

  1. pattyskypants says:

    I’ve been doing this type of pattern-less work since 1972 and it has brought me a lot of joy — probably saved my sanity at times, too! The Gees Bend ladies made me feel validated in this process and so does your book.

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  3. Stephanie Lindsay says:

    Just acquired the book for the Placer County Library system, but will have to get my own copy too! Thank you so much for sharing this larger body of work made by all the Test Quilter “musicians.” So inspiring, and now I am itching to try the curvy techniques. And, I appreciate the well-constructed gallery; this will be a great resource to share with my guild (SACMQG).

    • sherrilynn says:

      Fantastic Stephanie. I’m so glad to hear that you like it enough to get your own copy. Is that the Sacramento MQG? And yes I think not only the images but also the process posts are a fabulous resource that supplements the content in the book. Thanks for spreading the word!

      • Stephanie Lindsay says:

        Yes, I’m in the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild. Feel free to drop by for a visit if you are ever in the area on a third Saturday morning!

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