Improv Handbook Blog Hop

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Each of the bloggers on the tour will be reviewing the book and offering a giveaway copy of The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters.

But that’s not all…

Over 250 people signed on to test quilt the ten scores, or flexible patterns, featured in The Improv Handbook – without visual references. There were 165 quilts completed and submitted for inclusion into the book, but we only had room to print 22. During the next month all 165 of these quilts will debut, score by score, on the blog hop. After each of the test quilt galleries are revealed I will be reposting them here: Test Quilts.

And there is more…

Some of the participants in the tour are test quilters whose quilts are published in the book. Each will share their story and process of working through the score they were assigned to test.

May you find the insightful reviews of the book, the test quilt galleries, and the test quilter’s individual stories encouraging, as you begin your own improvisational journey with the Improv Handbook.

There is NO ONE WAY to proceed, and the ONLY WAY to succeed is YOUR WAY. 

Continue to check in during the month as I update the links below to the specific posts for each stop on the tour, as well as share information about giveaway end dates.


May 2: Sew Mama Sew – Score for Floating Squares Gallery

May 4 STC Craft – Score for Rhythmic Grid Gallery

May 4: Plaid Portico – Score for Strings Gallery

May 6: During Quiet Time – Test Quilter Amy Friend – GIVEAWAY through May 10

May 8: Wise Craft Handmade – Score for Get Your Curve On Gallery

May 11: Studio Notes – Test Quilter Penny Gold – GIVEAWAY through May 15

May 13: Quiltville – Score for Modern Block Improv Gallery and GIVEAWAY

May 15: Peppermint Pinwheels – Test Quilter Stacey Sharman – GIVEAWAY to May 22

May 18: Quirky Quilts – Test Quilter Kim McPeake – GIVEAWAY to May 25

May 20: PoppyPrintCreates – Score for Patchwork Doodle GalleryGIVEAWAY to May 23

May 22: The Last Piece – Test Quilter Sara Fielke

May 25: Cauchy Complete – Score for Layered Curves GalleryGIVEAWAY to May 29

May 26Diary of a Quilter – Score for Bias Strip Petals Gallery

May 27: Film In The Fridge – Test Quilter Ashley Newcomb – GIVEAWAY to May 29

May 28: Getting Stitched on the Farm –Score for Improv Round Robin Gallery

May 29: Spoonflower – Score for Showing Up Gallery

May 30Fresh Modern Quilts – Test Quilter Rossie Hutchinson



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7 Responses to Improv Handbook Blog Hop

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  2. Karen says:

    Guess what came yesterday! Your stunning new book! My delightful daughter, Alison P, sent it to me, and I’m absolutely blown away! I’ve looked at your quilts on daintytime and my jaw just drops–no concept at all of how such quilts could possibly be made. Your book is such a tempting invitation to join in the fun, with the curtain pulled back and the secrets revealed. I really like how you take your reader by the hand and share who you are and how you create. I see a lot of scores and Whoopees in my future. Thank you so very much for all the time, energy, creativity and love you put into your work.

    • sherrilynn says:

      Dear Karen, What a wonderful review of the book! If you are ever on Amazon please consider posting it there as well. Thank you so much. And Alison is delightful all around. Whoopee!!!!

  3. Janet says:

    Just got your book in the mail this week and I’m blown away…..I love improvisational quilting but your scores have opened up a world of possibilities for me to explore….I started on this path with Gwen Marston’s “Liberated” quilt making and recently took a class with Joe Cunningham at Alegre Retreat and your book combined with what I have been doing has sort of been the icing on the cake for me in finding my voice as a quilter…

    • sherrilynn says:

      Dear Janet, I’m so happy to hear how your improvisational journey is unfolding through your exposure to so many wonderful quilt makers and teachers–and that you are finding your voice. I’m glad to think that the Improv Handbook played a part. Continue to pioneer!

  4. Diana says:

    i am waiting for your book….it’s may at least!!have a nice time Sherri!

  5. Lorij says:

    Sounds good. I’ll keep an eye out for everything. Happy traveling.

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