How do you fold your quilts?

I folded and packed up my quilts for QuiltCon today. Would you agree that there is something almost sacred about unfolding and folding a quilt? Especially when I am sharing a quilt with someone for the first time but even when I’m alone, the act of opening and closing a quilt whispers some sacred truth about the revelation of life’s moments and the hiding away of memory.


Practically speaking, I don’t know of any sure fire way to avoid creasing all together but to avoid worn creases in the center of my quilts I never fold them in half. Instead I start by folding the corners of my quilt into the center on the diagonal.

15698693244_4765be16d8_oFrom there I fold the quilt in thirds

16135260047_a98d36edfb_oThen in thirds again.

16295186956_a14438d07a_oEach time I refold I try to change the diagonal slightly so that the creases never get a chance to settle in.

All of this folding reminded me of Bay Area performance/video artist, Surabhi Saraf and her FOLDed performances. Check this out!

How do you fold your quilts? Your thoughts, experiences or insights on the act of folding?

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6 Responses to How do you fold your quilts?

  1. Angela O says:

    When storing quilts for a long time or sending them off to a show, I roll them up. It’s a method I learned from art quilter Therese May. You roll the quilt from one corner to the opposite corner, then take the long roll and roll it up like a cinnamon bun. You’ve got a coil when you’re done and no creases at all. It’s a little more difficult to store, but takes care of the creasing problem.

  2. Your way of folding is so interesting, thanks for sharing! Such an interesting theme that I followed you on my blog with a couple of other tips:
    I would love to be in Austin next month! Have a great time there and congrats for your participation!

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  4. Tubularsock says:

    Now here something Tubularsock has never thought about. Now I’m pondering.

  5. Kendra says:

    My mom and I use large cardboard tubes and roll quilts to store and sometimes ship them. Easy way to prevent creases.

  6. I actually think this starts with the batting choice. I rarely use cotton batting because the creases are permanent. I usually use wool batting which does not hold a fold. I only fold mine when they are going to be in transit to be shown or part of my lecture. They spend their days lounging, unfolded on a spare bed.

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