Cultural Fusion Quilts Winner ~ Ruler Roundup

It was fantastic to hear from so many quilters about your widely varying relationships to rulers. Your comments to the Cultural Fusion Quilts Giveaway post were eye opening.


Many expressed a love/hate relationship with rulers. Some of you LOVE your rulers and can’t imagine working without them. Some are interested in exploring the possibility of going ruler-free. In that case Sujata’s book is definitely a great starting point. Some LOVE and prefer the freedom and expressiveness of ruler-free patchwork.

However the thing that struck me the most is how versatile you are when it comes to using or not using your rulers. I’m encouraged to find that so many quilters have both a love for precision piecing  as well as improv patchwork, and are able to move easily between working with rulers or going ruler-free according to what the quilt requires.

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So the winner is….

No rulers. What a concept. Just thinking about it is liberating. I realize my quilting is locked in some rigid mental place about the “shoulds” of straight lines and meeting corners. Gotta read this book! –Hillary



Yes you do Hillary! I hope you and every one else who reads Sujata’s book will find the ruler-free techniques in Cultural Fusion Quilts liberating. Congratulations! And thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, thoughts and relationships to rulers.

by Sujata Shaw from Cultural Fusion Quilts

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on The Top-Ten Reasons for Going Ruler-Free!

If you haven’t already please join the discussion on the pros and cons, ins and outs of improvisational patchwork at the Improv Handbook Group on Facebook. Precision piecers and improvisors welcome!

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2 Responses to Cultural Fusion Quilts Winner ~ Ruler Roundup

  1. Tubularsock says:

    Tubularsock is defiantly anti-ruler!

    Tubularsock is thinking about writing his new book, “The Quilt Making Guide For The Anarchist Quilter”.

    But first Tubularsock will have to learn how to quilt …….. or not.

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