Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt ~ Hand Quilting

Finally it’s time to hand quilt the pieced top from Sunny’s clothes, the cotton batting and the backing together into one. Rowan had the idea of using a topography inspired quilting pattern. This is his sketch.

The trick for improving your hand quilting, especially if you are a first timer like Rowan, is to aim for straight and even stitches, and not worry about size. The stitch length will naturally get smaller with practice.

Here is one of our three-hour hand quilting sessions condensed into 1.5 minutes. I set it to a banjo jingle, because our hands quilting look like we’re a-strummin’ and a-pickin’.

Below is the same quilting session from a different perspective, condensed into 1 minute. This time the background music was chosen in memory of Sunny, who was a rodeo cowboy and a champion roper. 

Hand quilting is a great time for chatting and sharing stories. I’ve really enjoyed working with and getting to know Rowan and his grandfather through this process. I love my job!

All that is left now is the binding!




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9 Responses to Sunny Edwards Memorial Quilt ~ Hand Quilting

  1. Reanna says:

    What kind of batting do you use, Sherri? Do you buy it in packages or by the roll?

  2. Diane says:

    Love this so much! Memorial quilts are such a special opportunity to honour while creating. Nicely done and I can’t wait to see it with the binding on.

  3. Roland says:

    Fantastic! My dad told me that when he was in the British army, he and his colleagues made a tabletop three-dimensional topographical model using thin slices of wood. I have made a few similar ones using different colors of modeling clay.

  4. Looks like a good time was had by the two of you! Quilting at the table like that is like friends gathering for dinner and great conversation! You have left me wanting a frame like that!

  5. Kristin L says:

    The quilt and the videos are so wonderfully collaborative. I’m not surprise you love this job. :-)

  6. patty says:

    The quilting design is just perfect for this quilt! I was surprised how Rowan jumped right in there to help with the quilting. Had he ever done this before? I think this quilt is something so special. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Liberty says:

    These are really wonderful! Even though I know this process well, it’s fun to see it happen and I can just imagine all the great conversation and healing that takes place during these sessions. Bravo, creative lady!

  8. LeeAnn says:

    Ah, beautiful process and very fun videos! You are therapist and quilt maker all in one. I hope you’ve got commissions stacking up in just the right amount for you.

  9. What a lovely post-loved the juxtaposition of the male and female arms shown quilting. The quilting idea is brilliant! You’ll show pics of the completed quilt I hope!

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