QuiltCon Bound


I’m packed and ready to go to Austin!

I’ve never been to Austin and this is the first time I’ve ever attended a national quilt expo –in the 20 years I’ve been making quilts.

I have no idea what to expect, but I imagine it will be insane, and a lot of fun.

There’s an 80’s dance. I was in high school and college during the 80’s so I should be able to remember how people dressed, but I don’t really.

I threw a couple of things together. Not sure it’s vey 80’s or not. However it seems lucky that I found this huge long chain lying on the sidewalk when I was walking to work in San Francisco yesterday. How perfect is that? I added a few safety pins and it was meant to be.

During the conference look for me at the Modern Quilt Guild booth when I’m not teaching. I will have handouts there about my workshops at the booth and I will be there on Sunday for sure. I will post specific times on twitter. My tweets always appear on my sidebar to the right. I hope to meet as many of you there as possible.

Safe travels and a fun weekend… Austin bound or not.


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2 Responses to QuiltCon Bound

  1. Kristin L says:

    80s punk is just as valid as 80s Madonna, IMHO. ;-) Have fun!

  2. john wiercioch says:

    Long overdue! You are such a people person Sherri, this is a great opportunity to share your creativity and insights meet old and new friends, and accumulate ideas! Bte you’ll be flying high with projects in your studio once you return! An incredibe music city too! Soak in the fun and sun for those of us still in the gray winter states.

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