valentine 2013 ~ just because…

…i’m spectacular on my own

…it takes two to tango and i’m a fabulous lead

…everyone’s invited to my dance party


Hey Hey I started my Valentine’s Day celebration early. Guess who brought me this double bouquet of amazing peachy orange and creamy apricot roses. It wasn’t some rich faker, controlling coward son of a bitch, that’s for sure. Pardon my French!

I’m laughing when I think back to Valentine’s 2012, and how heart-broken I was over a shallow man (bless his heart – I don’t think he could help himself) who dropped me without a hint of warning. It was such a painful time on so many levels, but all of the wise and comforting comments left by many of you, in the wake of my suffering, were so right. I was lucky to be rid of that guy sooner than later.

Do you remember the French folktale of Bluebeard? The wealthy lord that gave his bride access to all his treasures but forbid her entry to one room in his castle… yeah the bloody room with all of his dismembered former wives! This guy who gave me roses, bought me gifts, called me every single day, swept me away on luxury weekends at Tahoe and the Sierras, and made cheesy power point slide shows with images from our trips together –all shine on the surface– was a bluebeard if I ever knew one. I was lucky to escape with minimal damage. However…

Like some psychic homeopathic remedy, this particular heart-break put me on the path of kindness and compassion, and made me reconsider the evidence of love as something that manifests from the inside out. I’ve never loved myself more, nor have I felt kinder towards others. After experiencing the brutality of being in a controlling relationship, I’m more aware of my own controlling tendencies, and am far less compelled to control outcomes for myself and others.

Just because… my work, my world, and my relationships are blossoming… I gave myself a double bouquet of orange and apricot roses for Valentines Day.

They smell even better than they look!


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20 Responses to valentine 2013 ~ just because…

  1. Heather says:

    Your happiness at being at such a good place in your life just shines through. Enjoy those beautiful roses!

  2. patty says:

    Good for you! The flowers are so beautiful! I had a relationship go wrong and it crushed me. Now I think it was for the best because of the opportunites I would have missed if I had stayed with the a-hole/guy. He didn’t deserve me! I will have to do something special for myself for being a free single woman who can go where I want to go, do what I want to do, and spend my money the way I want to!

  3. Angie says:

    What GORGEOUS roses and what a FABULOUS way to receive them :D Perfect!! We should each of us do that for ourselves. :)

  4. Cleta says:

    Sherri, Better,better and better.Love you

  5. Dad says:

    Life is a journey and you are so far down the road, in spite of the twists, turns and speed bumps!! I am so proud of you.
    Love you

  6. Julierose says:

    Way to go!! Enjoy them…Julierose

  7. Liberty says:

    Blooming is beautiful, isn’t it?

  8. Mary P says:

    Beautiful! I know exactly how you feel–I dated someone who really cared about all the flashy things but once we broke up, I realized that I wasn’t being true to myself. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I learned that a good relationship (romantic or otherwise) makes you a better person–more true to yourself, not less so. It sounds like you are on the right track! Keep doing what you are doing–it’s amazing.

  9. Byrd says:

    Gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous you! Anytime there’s a little extra cash in my wallet, that’s exactly what I do. By the way, I’m not on Twitter, but I read you heard the music based on Gee’s Bend. How cool is that that? Take care, Byrd

  10. Smart woman! Happy valentine’s day to you. And thank you for your invisible binding tutorial. I used it last night and am so thrilled with the results!

  11. John says:

    Yes! Totally understand and just to keep things balanced I want you to know variations on this tale apply to either gender! This day can lead us single folks to cynicism but it really can be about love, in the fullest sense, and what’s wrong with that? So I’m getting several joyful bouquets and delivering them to some very sweet senior single women friends of mine and a few single female friends — with no intention other than joy and to celebrate that I love our friendship. And at least one for me too!

    Sherri you just get wiser and more beautiful with each moon! Thanks for the post!

  12. Yes, a well deserved bouquet-enjoy because it’s all “coming up roses”!

  13. Gillian says:

    I so agree with the previous comment :). LOVE the roses – I’m also going to get me some. Happy pre-and-Valentine’s Day!

  14. Girl you’ve gotta love the one you’re with! Gorgeous flowers and you’re worth it. I’m gonna get myself some too.


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