Rainbow Cloud Quilt

Rainbow Cloud Quilt, 2012, 52″ x 68″  Made with hand-dyed and commercial solids, machine pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilted.


I imagined this piece as large, sensual drops of black rain or tears during a time of sadness and loss. As I was making this quilt I realized that there is a lot of rainbow around the dark spaces in life. I guess we can choose which parts to see, the positive or the negative. I like keeping both in view. All rainbow would be grandiose, and all dark, morose.


I developed a bias strip curve patchwork technique for this modern improv quilt.  I machine pieced free-cut continuous bias strips to create the curved lines, and then hand-appliquéd the large curved patchwork segments to the strip-pieced background. I created Negative Space one step at a time through an improvisational process without templates, sketches or rulers.

It’s for sale! Contact me.


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13 Responses to Rainbow Cloud Quilt

  1. Kathy Orsburn says:

    Do you have a class or a book to learn the technique? This is stunning. I’d love to try the technique. Thank you.

  2. carol says:

    Just gorgeous! I love your creativity.

  3. Michelle says:

    How did you bind it?

  4. Janet says:

    This is very wonderful. I’ve loved watching it come together.

  5. I always love reading about your process. Another fantastic quilt. The hand stitching is always beautiful.

  6. Rossie says:

    It’s awesome!!!!!

  7. Anna says:

    Hey wow, I just love that. And can relate to that feeling, too… Great work Sherri.

  8. really gorgeous, just wish I could afford it. congrats on such a beautiful quilt.

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