retreating into community

My road rarely seems smooth. Since the killing on my street a couple of weeks ago I’ve felt a little antsy spending my days in the urban mire, so I went on a weekend solo retreat to St. Dorothy’s Rest, an Episcopalian retreat center and camp near Occidental, CA, near the coastal redwoods.

It was beautiful. The staff was very welcoming. I had a sweet little house with a deck and a fireplace all to myself. However going alone wasn’t such a good thing. After the first restful day I began feeling anxious and lonely.

My anxiety eased after meeting a large group of knitters also on retreat at Dorothy’s Rest. They took me in immediately. I brought a bunch of knitting to do alone, including a sweater that needed finishing. One of the instructors helped me master my seaming technique. BTW – the trick to smooth seams is patience and persistence.

I think groups of knitters are fantastic, funny, and genuinely appreciative of the effort everyone and anyone makes to knit at whatever skill level. The love of yarn and craft is an instant bond.

I’m so independent that being a part of a group is challenging, but I have enough time to myself. I’m ready to explore something new. The takeaway has been that when the seaming gets rough I can patiently retreat into community.

ps… how do you like my green sweater? :) specs on ravelry


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10 Responses to retreating into community

  1. shannon says:

    i *do* like your sweater! love the color! :)

    i do feel that i like solitude. it’s funny though, how i stumble upon “groups” at the “right” time. :)

    sounds like a great retreat.

  2. blandina says:

    I am a knitter and a knitting retreat is something that I would like to do sooner or later. Your cardigan is super super!

  3. Heather says:

    The sweater is lovely. Interesting texture stitch – bobbles?

  4. Chris says:

    Isn’t it funny how community works? I am not much of a “joiner” myself – I just don’t naturally seek out groups, especially when I’m unsettled or anxious. However, sometimes Someone Else thinks that a group just might be what I need and plants the opportunity squarely and almost unavoidably in my path – am so glad you found a group to help you settle after your upsetting neighborhood event.

    Take care – the green sweater is lovely.

  5. Lovely sweater and it sounds like a great time at the retreat too. Stay safe!

  6. Sue says:

    Love the sweater and hope the retreat helped you after your recent trauma.

  7. Mina says:

    Your sweater looks great – I’m jealous. I can do all kinds of crafty things but just cannot knit or crochet no matter how hard I try.

  8. spinnity says:

    Hi Sherri – thanks for the link to your blog post! The sweater looks awesome on you – what a great color – and the finished ruffles are super cute! I’m glad we met you at St. Dorothy’s.

  9. cleta says:

    Sherri. I love your sweater. I can’t knit at all so I’m really impressed. It’s so pretty. Blessings, Cleta

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