I Ching Modern Quilt-along: 15 ~ Reviewing


In the last installment I was ADVANCING slowly through my I Ching Modern Quilt blocks. I’ve finally finished piecing my top and now it’s time to review the quilt and my I Ching journal.

There are 24 blocks making up my 72″ square quilt. Each block, a hexagram created from the random throwing of three coins six times, represents a question put to the I Ching, and the oracle’s answer.

I kept a journal with all my questions and the hexagrams received.  Below I’ve listed in order, my blocks along with the questions asked. Remember the quilt begins at the bottom right corner and moves up and to the left. The very last block is the at the top left.


  1. 54 Marrying Maiden  (How do I move past procrastination?)
  2. 5 Waiting ~ 48 The Well (How can I nurture inspiration?)
  3. 9 Small Taming ~ 59 Dispersing (How can I be productive within limitations?)
  4. 48 The Well (Why am I procrastinating? What is holding me back?)
  5. 44 Coupling (How do I build a well to the source that sustains my work & life?)
  6. 1 Creative Force  ~ 43 Deciding (What is happening with my work now?)
  7. 47 Confined (How will my creative process benefit from regular meditation?)
  8. 5 Waiting ~ 26 Great Taming (What do I need to be aware of now?)
  9. 6 Arguing ~ 47 Confined (What lesson can I learn from the stolen yarn?)
  10. 57 Subtly Penetrating ~ 1 Creative Force (How do I let go of all distractions?)
  11. 8 Seeking Union (How can I apply mindfulness to my work tonight?)
  12. 53 Gradual Progress ~ 56 Traveling (How can I approach my work without judgment?)
  13. 20 Seeing ~ 31 Influence (How do I go ahead with new relationships?)
  14. 18 Corruption ~ 40 Release (How do I let go of a desire for wealth?)
  15. 45 Gathering ~ 62 Small Exceeding (How can I create a sense of security and stability?)
  16. 7 The Army ~ 57 Subtly Penetrating (How can I stay balanced and meet all my deadlines with success?)
  17. 8 Seeking Union ~ 46 Pushing Upward (What would be the outcome of letting others publish my original content?)
  18. 61 Inner Truth ~ 43 Deciding (What is the most affective way to advocate for my rights?)
  19. 20 Seeing ~ 39 Limping (What can I do to cultivate discipline?)
  20. 6 Arguing ~ 25 Without Entanglement (How do I discern which images to include in writing a successful and authentic grant application?)
  21. 40 Release ~ 54 Marrying Maiden (What’s next creatively?)
  22. 35 Advancing ~ 39 Limping (How can I overcome procrastination today?)
  23. 22 Beauty ~ 27 Nourishment (If I give 70% to my creative goals what will be the impact on my personal goals?)
  24. 31 Influence ~ Stilling (What will be the benefits of continuing to incorporate the I Ching in my creative practice?)


Review your I Ching Modern Quilt journal and your I Ching Modern Quilt top. Well done!  Take a good long look at your finished quilt top. It is an image of randomness. How does this pattern of randomness affect you? Do you sense any meaning in the randomness? Turn your quilt on its side, which orientation do you like best?

In the next installment I finally get to QUILTING my I Ching Modern Quilt.

It’s never too late to join an online quilt-along! I’ll be posting new segments of the quilt-along on Mondays. Access the archive and subscribe to the RSS feed here: I Ching Modern Quilt-along. I’ve set up an I Ching Modern Flickr Group if you want to share images of your sketches, process, and final results.

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4 Responses to I Ching Modern Quilt-along: 15 ~ Reviewing

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  2. shannon says:

    i love, love how this turned out for you!!! :) it’s interesting how the feel changes just by turning the quilt top.

    my quilt has been sitting for bit. i need to get into the habit of asking questions on a regular basis. i find that i ask a question and feel that i need time to digest the “reading” instead of going on to another question. it takes me so long to process things!

  3. Joyce says:

    My quilt has been sitting all summer- waiting- I think review is definitely in order before I work further.

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