Which of your QUILTCON classes do you recommend?

“RGB Modern” ~ detail

I’m teaching three workshops at QUILTCON in February and one of my readers asked me which one of my classes I recommend?

So here are the class descriptions again along with my detailed recommendations if you are also considering taking one of my workshops at QUILTCON. (I hope so!)

Get Your Curve On, 6 hr workshop

Get your curvy-quilty-modern groove on in this improvisational quilt-making workshop. Participants will explore modern approaches to improvised quilt making and composition, while learning innovative wedge and bias curve piecing techniques. All skill levels. Intermediate and advanced sewers will make more progress.

Recommended if you are a more advanced sewer and you really want to explore curve piecing TECHNIQUES. Beginners will have a slower time managing the piecework but will still gain a lot of knowledge. This is more of a techniques based workshop. Students will make small (mini-quilt) sample composition with wedge and bias curve piecing techniques.

Modern Block Improv, 6 hr workshop

Start with a favorite traditional block pattern and transform it through a series of improvised repetitions into something uniquely modern. We will brainstorm the possible range of alterations and then practice putting our blocks through a series of rhythmic iterations using basic improv piecing and compositional techniques. All skill levels.

Great workshop for all skill levels. For people who really want to learn more about improvisational PROCESS. Basic techniques will be covered but the emphasis is on  process and composition. Best workshop if you are interested in exploring concept, approach and methods of improvisation. Also fun if you like the idea of changing up traditional block patterns.

Improv Round Robin, 6 hr workshop

An improvisational twist on the Round Robin. Free your creative energy, use up your scraps, and learn the basic skills of improvisational quilt making. At the end of the day you and everyone else will leave with a distinctive quilt top beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. There are no mistakes in this fast-paced class, only discoveries, community, and FUN! Perfect for fist time improvisers. Sign up with your friends! All skill levels.

Wonderful class for improv newbies or for people who love to work with scraps. This is a community oriented class. It’s a full day of PLAY! No worries here. This fast paced class is all about loosening up, exploring, and reveling in surprise outcomes. Basic improv techniques will be covered.  

Improv Round Robin at Penland School of Craft, June 2006. Click on image to see a slide show of these quilts and their makers.

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5 Responses to Which of your QUILTCON classes do you recommend?

  1. Rossie says:

    I’m so excited to take “Get your curve on”! Fingers crossed that I get in!

  2. Mina says:

    Ooooooh, I could use them all. I will sign up next week and see what I get. I hope that none are waitlisted.

    What is the class size?

  3. Susannah says:

    I’m with Tonya. All your classes sound fantastic! Wish I was going…

  4. all those classes sound so fun and wonderful examples. wish I were going!

  5. Isabelle says:

    How beautiful ! Love those quilts. I wish I could be one of your students. I am planning a small quilt with the bias-curve piecing technique. See how I will do.

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