Color Channeling

I had a fantastic session in my studio last night.

While working I noticed channels of unconsciously arranged color among the scraps and tools littering my work space.

Pinks, reds, greens around my sewing machine… blues, yellows, grays on my ironing board… orange, yellow, green and brown on my cutting table…

My creative space becomes animated when work is flowing.

So many subtle influences are at play.

YES to the POWER!

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4 Responses to Color Channeling

  1. A serendipity of color!

  2. Joyce says:

    Are you still working on your I Ching quilt? My blocks are sewn but I did not want to piece them together without reading your next step. I have only seen up to step 10 posted. So instead now I am working on my mod mood quilt along. It has been a good process – today I will start on the bias strips.

  3. sandy says:

    Some of my favorite colors. It’s funny how fabrics just speaks to you. (Yes, my fabric talks to me. Doc said it’s ok as long as I don’t talk back to it.)

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