David Hill (1956-2010) for Quinn and Sailor, April 2012

Amy Hill commissioned these two memorial quilts from her husband’s clothes for her children Quinn and Sailor. Materials include David’s T-shirts, dress shirts, captain’s shirt, swim trunks, pants, ties, baseball caps, and clothing and bibs from the children. Amy cut apart most of the clothing and sent the segments to me in two separate boxes. One for Quinn and one for Sailor.

David was a ship’s captain, who died at sea saving the lives of his crew members. I improvised the quilt pattern to create a sense of flowing waves and light on water.

The quilts are each 42″ x 57″,  mostly machine pieced with some hand piecing, hand quilted and finished with a fold over binding. “Don’t worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is going to be all right.” is machine embroidered on the back of each quilt. These two quilts took a total of 43 hours to complete.David Hill (1956-2010) for Quinn, 2012, 42″ x 57″, machine pieced, hand quilted, clothing.David Hill (1956-2010) for Sailor, 2012, 42″ x 57″, machine pieced, hand quilted, clothing.

For information on having a memorial quilt made or about the bereavement quilt making process contact me or visit Passage Quilting.

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8 Responses to David Hill (1956-2010) for Quinn and Sailor, April 2012

  1. Heather says:

    Heart-stoppingly gorgeous. What a treasure for his children. It’s interesting that you mention the number of hours it took, because the number seems so insignificant in light of the enormous meaning to the recipient.

  2. Susannah says:

    These quilts are mind blowing… So evocative and aesthetically striking…

  3. Julierose says:

    These quilts are such a tender recreation of a memorable life…I made a mourning quilt when my Dad died and it took me a year to finish it. By then, I had worked through a lot of my sadness and now, every time I look at it, I can recall him with gratitude, warmth and joy….
    Lovely work, Sherri Julierose

  4. Kelly says:

    Initially it made me feel sad but after I looked at them again it was nice to think of a very tangible thing to have made for his children. I like how you incorporated the pants pocket too, well done.

  5. wonderful. I love how the pink dainties fit in with their arcs. great remembrances.

  6. LeeAnn says:

    Breathtaking in their impact!

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