DIY Romantic Canopy Made with Vintage Sheets

Vintage sheets are all the rage in patchwork these days, such as these lovely log cabins by Heidi Elliot.


Now imagine a patchwork of vintage sheets in three dimensions.


Happy Tomodachi’s vintage sheets on flickr, kicked up nostalgia for my old home and neighborhood in Durham, NC and reminded me of the canopy bed that I made years ago with my collection of vintage sheets.

It’s easy to create your own, and lovely to sleep in!

  • Screw eye hooks securely into the ceiling above the four corners of your bed.
  • Run rope between through all four eye hooks.
  • Pull rope taut and tie off.
  • Use large safety pins at the top of the sheets as curtain rings.
  • Hang safety pins on rope.
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3 Responses to DIY Romantic Canopy Made with Vintage Sheets

  1. These are cool. You were ahead of your time with the sheet canopy.

  2. shannon says:

    wow! i’m so flattered! thanks sherri! i loved the pic you shared of this canopy so i’m so glad that you’re sharing how you made it!!!! :)

    i love vintage sheets and started collecting them b/c they were an “economical” way to make garments and they brought me back to my youth. now it’s almost an addiction. i didn’t realize that so many others also collected and sewed with these sheets–when i discovered this on-line i felt so happy that there were others who shared this love!

    along with the iching quilt, i am also getting ready to sew a quilt with vintage sheets! :) still waiting for the fabric to come in the mail for the iching quilt. for now…casting, reading, contemplating. love it.

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