Ozone Arizona Coal Hotter Bone Sky Corduroy

I’m on my way to Death Valley today. This mantra reminds me of the stark desert that I’m choosing to enter alone. The desert resides within, without, and all around. There is death but there is light and poetry and connection. Join me by pressing the arrow above and listen to this mesmerizing mantra recorded May 19, 2008.

Check out The Mantra Trailer to get access to the complete archive!

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3 Responses to Ozone Arizona Coal Hotter Bone Sky Corduroy

  1. Susie LaRosa says:

    Sherri, Just discovered your blog and read back through March so now I have a little better idea of what has been going on in your life. I am sorry my friend that you should ever be sad, but I am in awe of your talent for expressing your emotions and providing such vivid glimpses into your life. From the day I met you, I knew that you were beautiful and such a rare and special creature. I will be with you in Death Valley. Love you.

  2. Laura Lino says:

    Hey Sherri –

    I saw the rising full moon last night and remembered that you’d said you’d be leaving on Tuesday and there would be a beautiful full moon. I sent up a little prayer that you’d be safe and and at peace. We’ll miss you on Thursday!

  3. jennifer rohlman says:

    Goodmorning Sherri~ I can’t sleep and I saw your blog pop up so I’ve been reading all the sweet things your friends have written. With almost 2 weeks behind you I feel this trip is meant to be for this perfect time in your life to reconnect with yourself. It doesn’t matter if we are happily married, or not…..we ALL need some time in the desert to connect with ourselves. I know I sure could use some desert time! I will pray for your week to be positive, productive and enjoyable. AND SAFE!! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see what “kick ass” quilt comes from it later on :) I love you Sherri~ and I am thankful you are my big sister!

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