I Ching Modern Quilt-along: Value, Intensity, Quantity

A couple of important questions came up about fabric selection after my post on GATHERING materials for the I Ching Modern Quilt. The answers may be useful information even if you aren’t joining the quilt-along.

Value and Intensity

Whew- I found some fabric, liked the color, checked the values and hit a roadblock. They are exactly the same. So far I have a grey that I like, and a green. I am very weak at identifying values- and on thoughtful use of color in general. So will the neutrals be a stair-step series of value, and then the color the same series of value? Or does everything have to be a different value altogether?

Not every fabric you use has to have a distinct value, but each set should be distinct in value or intensity from each other.

If possible gather a group of medium-dark to dark neutrals. This can include dark grey, navy, and black for example. You also need a group of medium-light to light neutrals and a third group of medium valued or BRIGHT colors. However in the third group, if you choose hues that POP – that are very bright or intense – then value isn’t as critical. They can all be variations of the same hue (color) or a variety of very bright hues.

Value and intensity are two different things. A bright red can have a dark value close to black, or a bright yellow can have the same light value as a pale blue.

Notice the three distinct values of my three sets of fabrics. Also notice how some of the BRIGHT oranges really pop in the color image but have only a slightly lighter value than the beige fabrics when seen through the grey scale of the black and white image.

Fabric Quantity

Hi Sherri! I was just curious about how much fabric we should be collecting of each color and in total?

Good question. It depends on how big a quilt you want to make. I’m making a large throw quilt.

Also the pattern has to be considered. Will it be complex or simple? Most likely simple, but depending on a step we haven’t reached yet you may choose a more complex form for your I Ching readings.

I CAN tell you proportions. You will need 2/3 of dark, 1/3 of light and 1/3 of the bright colors. I know that adds up to 1 1/3 of fabric but you will need to gather more than you will use.

All this is to say – just eyeball and estimate according to the relative size you have in mind. Part of the fun will be making due if you run out!

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  2. shannon says:

    thank you so much sherri! thanks replying to my comment in the other post, and for this post! the info is very helpful! :) i’m enjoying this!

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