I Ching Modern Quilt-along: Week 3 ~ Gathering


Gathering materials for a new project is one of my favorite steps in the creative process. I love to think about all the things I’m going to make some day. I’ve grown quite a stash of yarn and knitting patterns, AND fabric and quilt ideas for future projects. I can say with confidence and a little nagging guilt that I have more materials gathered for projects than I can possibly execute in my lifetime!

If you are hesitant about joining this quilt-along because of other projects currently on your plate, the I Ching Modern Quilt-along is designed to enhance your creative practice. It is best done along-side projects you are already working on.

Here’s your opportunity to gather materials guilt free. Now is the time to visit your stash and choose the fabrics for your I Ching Modern Quilt!


Besides the regular quilt making equipment, sewing machine, cutting instruments, iron, etc., and the I Ching text you chose last week, here is a list of the rest of the materials needed for the quilt-along.

Coins – Choose three coins. They can be special or not, but once you choose them make them special. You will use the same three coins throughout the quilt-along. Say a little blessing over them, place them around a lit candle, or create some kind of ritual to make them yours.

Notebook and pen – Designate a notebook as your I Ching journal. You will be recording the questions you ask the I Ching, the hexagrams you cast and your response to the readings your receive from the oracle. You will need this documentation to create your blocks.

Graph paper and colored pencils – This quilt-along is a random process so the outcome of the pattern can not be predicted. However, we will be working with some preset limits. We will use graph paper and colored pencils to sketch out a series of ideas for these limits. We will be designing parameters for how to translate the random process into a pattern.

Fabric – Your fabric choices will make a big impact on the look of your I Ching Modern Quilt. Choose a set of dark neutrals, a set of light neutrals and a set of bright colors. I will be using solid linen fabric for my I Ching Modern Quilt in dark-value brown neutrals, light-value beige to cream neutrals, and medium-value orange brights. You don’t have to stick to solids, but your three color-ways need to be distinct in value.


Last week we were TEXTING, reviewing various translations of the I Ching and choosing a text for the quilt-along.

Your task this week is to gather the additional materials needed for the quilt-along as outlined above. Be sure to bless your coins! Visit links in the text for more information on randomness, limits, and value. Post questions about fabric choices in the comments and I will respond publicly.

Next week we will be OPENING ourselves to divination, by creating a quiet refuge and listening to our essential creative questions as they arise.

I’ll be posting new segments of the quilt-along on Mondays. Subscribe to the RSS feed here: I Ching Modern Quilt-along.

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12 Responses to I Ching Modern Quilt-along: Week 3 ~ Gathering

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  4. shannon says:

    Hi Sherri! I was just curious about how much fabric we should be collecting of each color and in total?

    • Good question Shannon. It depends on how big a quilt you want to make. I’m making a large throw quilt.

      Also the pattern has to be considered – will it be complex or simple? Most likely simple, but depending on a step we haven’t reached yet you may choose a more complex form for your I Ching readings.

      I CAN tell you proportions. You will need 2/3 of dark, 1/3 of light and 1/3 of the bright colors. I know that adds up to 1 1/3 of fabric but you will need to gather more than you will use.

      All this is to say – just eyeball and estimate according to the relative size you have in mind.

      Part of the fun will be making due if you run out!

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  6. Amanda says:

    Whew- I found some fabric, liked the color, checked the values and hit a roadblock. They are exactly the same. So far I have a grey that I like, and a green. I am very weak at identifying values- and on thoughtful use of color in general. So will the neutrals be a stair-step series of value, and then the color the same series of value? Or does everything have to be a different value altogether?

    • Not every fabric you use has to have a distinct value, but each set should be distinct in value or intensity from each other.

      If possible gather a group of medium-dark to dark neutrals. This can include dark grey, navy, and black for example. You also need a group of medium-light to light neutrals and a third group of medium valued or BRIGHT colors. However in the third group, if you choose hues that POP – that are very bright or intense – then value isn’t as critical. They can all be variations of the same hue(color) or a variety of very bright hues.

      Value and intensity are two different things. A bright red can have a dark value close to black, or a bright yellow can have the same light value as a pale blue.

      I Ching materials - value

      Notice the three distinct values of my three sets of fabrics. Also notice how some of the BRIGHT oranges really pop in the color image but have only a slightly lighter value than some of the beige fabrics when seen through the grey scale of a black and white image.

  7. Lia says:

    Great, I’m in! I had some apprehension about joining in given how many WIPs I already have, but this news is very reassuring. What’s more, I already have a stack of solids thats been growing for a while I want to work with that matches this criteria! I’m going to make my work this week to give my studio a good organizational sweep – clear space = clear mind.

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