Putnam-Hauser Linen Quilt, November 2011

Putnam-Hauser Linen Quilt, 2011, 98″ x 110″, machine pieced, hand quilted, linen.

The Putnam-Hauser family commissioned this king-sized, modern-improv quilt, made from 100% linen. They live in the Sunset district of San Francisco. We worked together to pick a subtle color palette reminiscent of their coastal, fog-drenched environment. I improvised the pattern using simple horizontal bands of color.

The quilt took 50 hours to complete. The cost of materials, including linen for the front and back of the quilt, one cotton batting and one polyester batting, and thread came to $550 + cost of labor $3000.

The Putnam-Hauser family in front of their quilt-in-progress at my Oakland studio.

View the process archive to see how this quilt evolved.

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19 Responses to Putnam-Hauser Linen Quilt, November 2011

  1. Beautiful and inspiring!

  2. simply stunning! I can only imagine how soft and cozy it will become after many years of use. surely it will be a family treasure! i have been sitting on some lovely linen fabrics for so long and been hesitant to make a quilt with it. I think you’ve given me the push to go ahead!

  3. Kristin L says:

    That turned out gorgeous! I definitely see an SF color palette in it.

  4. Leah says:

    this is wonderful! and i love the photo with the family in front of the quilt because you can really see how big it is. great work!

  5. gretchen says:

    As always, your work is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing, and it is so nice to see the family, it gives the work more depth and meaning.

  6. Sujata Shah says:


    That quilt is so gorgeous. I am amazed how quickly you finished that. I had never heard anyone using two different batting for a quilt. That must be quite a cozy quilt, perfect for those foggy SFO days!
    Happy New Year to you! The Christmas tree looks beautiful!

  7. blandina says:

    I am with Heather, I love both the quilt and the picture with the family.

  8. Heather says:

    Wow, it’s a beauty. I love the picture of the family in front of it, too.

  9. Joyce says:

    absolutely beautiful!

  10. beautiful and it looks so lovely on the bed. quilting is gorgeous. I’m amazed that you got it done that quickly. congrats!

  11. Amanda says:

    I love it! So beautiful- the colors and the handstitching are just stunning.

  12. LeeAnn says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful.

  13. ella says:

    simplicity is wonderfull (but a lot of work I presume !)
    Bon Jour

  14. marit says:

    There’s nothing simple about this quilt except that it’s simply BEAUTIFUL! I think the hand quilting adds an amazing texture.
    Thank you for sharing about your process and the two layers of batting. I may have to try that myself…
    ; )

  15. Erin Wilson says:

    It’s stunning. Really lovely to have an in-progress photo with your clients too. A much nicer way to remember the project than photographing it alone.

  16. Gwen says:

    beautiful! You all must be very pleased. The handsome family looks happy! I’m sure they love it.

  17. cauchy09 says:

    this is just simple elegance done terribly well, S! congrats!

    may i ask why you used two battings? and why one is polyester?

  18. tracy_a says:

    Lovely work!

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