Bloggers’ Quilt Festival ~ God’s Eye

God’s Eye, 1996, 90″ x 90″

Made from vintage 70’s fabrics, velvets, mirrors, and a crocheted afghan for the corners of the quilt, it is hand and machine pieced, entirely hand-quilted and embroidered.

The patchwork pattern evokes the yarn woven God’s Eyes that I made as a kid at vacation bible school.

This quilt tells the story… of Ezekiel’s sparkling wheels of eyes… of my childhood memories of being taunted, awkward, and painfully self-conscious… of Ojo de Dios, the Huichol Indians’ talisman for the protection of children…

The head of each pin at the center of the quilt is a dance floor for a thousand angels!



God’s Eye is my entry to the bi-annual Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. Hundred’s of entries. Lot’s of quilt joy. So check it out!

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11 Responses to Bloggers’ Quilt Festival ~ God’s Eye

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow, that is amazing! I love the radiating circles, and all the mirrors! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Penny G says:

    Love the quilt – a time machine to the 70s.

  3. cauchy09 says:

    goodness, you are a genius. i love all the textures and colors and how everything works so well together.

  4. Edit Takacs says:

    Greetings from Hungary. I really like your quilt. Beautiful colors, and stitching. I love the asymmetrical patterns.

  5. Janet says:

    This is stupendous! A real work of art – and with meaning.

  6. Brenda says:

    Wow! I like the variety of materials in here. thanks for sharing this.

  7. Carola says:

    Fabulous! Absolutely stunning! Wish I could see it live!

  8. trish says:

    Wow! That is stunning!

  9. Margaret says:

    It’s amazing. The amount of love and attention that went into this is staggering.

  10. Molly says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine the work that went into this amazing quilt. It’s a beautiful array of fabrics and threads and yarns! I love looking at it.

  11. Beth T. says:

    What a coincidence! My cousin and I were talking last weekend about our grandmother’s history of crafting and creating. She was a wonderful quilter (and belonged to the same quilting circle for over 70 years!), a seamstress, took ceramics classes in her 70’s, crocheted, and did who-knows-what-else. My cousin grew up near her and had more memories of Grandma, and mentioned that circa 1990 she had crocheted God’s Eye patterns and displayed them on gold circles. I was delighted to hear that, because I have one of those that had belonged to my mom. I didn’t know its provenance and many times had thought about sending it to the Goodwill. Now I’m glad my pack-rat instincts kicked in to preserve another piece of Grandma’s handiwork.

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