Anthropologie Inspired Knitted Lace Neck Wrap ~ Pattern

My first ever knitting pattern was inspired by the new dress I bought at Anthropologie last week and a half skein of vintage yarn from the thrift store. It was made as a button up neck wrap (below) but the button holes are optional. I actually like it better tied around the neck (above) but if you have some pretty vintage buttons I would add them as embellishments just the same.

Anthropologie Inspired Vintage Lace Neck Wrap by Sherri Lynn Wood

I used half a skein (about 50 yards) of Galaxie by Phentex,  a vintage yarn made of 30% acrylic, 30% wool, 29% viscose, 11% polyester.

gage: 5 stitches to the inch in rib on #9 u.s. needles

  1. cast on 25 stitches
  2. front: k, k, k (yo, k, ssk) repeat 7 times, k
  3. back: p to end
  4. repeat rows 2-3 twelve times
  5. front: p, (ssk, p) repeat 7 times, p – 17 stitches on needle
  6. back: (k, p) repeat to end, k
  7. front: (p,k) repeat to end, p
  8. continue rib 20″ for button up wrap or 24″ for a tied wrap – add or subtract inches to fit your neck
  9. (optional) add button holes on front: p, k, p, yo, p2tog, k, p, k, yo, k2tog, p, k, yo, p2tog, k, p – 17 stitches on needle – note: you can also use the first row of the lace for your button holes instead of adding an extra set of holes, in that case omit rows 9-10.
  10. back: (k, p) repeat to end, k
  11. front: (k, k, m1) repeat 8 times, k – 25 stitches on needle
  12. back: p, p, p (yo, p, ssp) repeat 7 times, p
  13. front: k to end
  14. repeat rows 12-13 twelve times
  15. loosely bind off
  16. block
  17. (optional) sew buttons on other end of ribbing from button holes, add a snap if needed to keep underside of scarf in place. If you prefer to tie the neck wrap and omit button hole instructions but add two or three vintage buttons on one side of the ribbing as embellishments.
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  3. Kristina Rome says:

    Wow! jusd found your lovely patern – and am hoping to knit a few for Christmas gifts!
    thanks for sharing it, and I’ll be knitting few for ‘charity’ as ‘pay it forward’, and as a stash-buster. Thanks /Kris : Oct 26,2013

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  5. Krystal says:

    Hey, love the scarf! Intrigued by the winding “red brick road” in the background. Is that a quilt?!? Love it, whatever it is :)

  6. Edna Mae says:

    I just love the scarf… I also found some yarn (at Goodwill) that is so pretty, it’s Patons Lace Sequin and I was looking for a pattern to make a sweet scarf for one of my granddaughters for Christmas. I’m a fairly new knitter (started when I was 73!)so always have questions. My yarn is a fine weight #2 and I was wondering what weight you used. It appears to look similar to mine in the pictures but wanted to know for sure. Thanks for your help, I think she will love the scarf. You are very talented

    • The yarn I used was more of a sport weight. probably not as light as what you have and the texture was fuzzy and a little stiff like mohair. But the pattern is meant to be lacy and open. You could try working a sample of the pattern with the yarn you have and see how it looks.

  7. blandina says:

    The scarf is lovely and it is perfect with your dress.
    Thank you for the pattern, it will be a nice Christmas gift for someone I know. It is not too early to think of gifts!

  8. Nancy L says:

    i love the scarf … but most of all i love your sweet face.. I know you are human and all, but never having met you and going by your pics and sharing…. I am imagining that you bring some sunshine, warmth and fun wherever you go.. someday I hope to meet you.

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