Whip Up Mini Quilts Givaway Winner & Book Review

Loretta, from my home state of North Carolina, was the lucky winner of the giveaway. She will be receiving a copy of Whip Up Mini Quilts by Kathreen Ricketson of whipup.net and published by Chronicle Books. Here is Loretta’s response to the question of what kind of keepsake quilt would she make:

I would love to make a keepsake quilt from my uncle’s (who passed away in 2000) flannel shirts. I keep them when we cleaned out in hopes of doing something when with them later.

I want to thank all who responded to the giveaway. You shared so many wonderful, personal and moving ideas for keepsake quilts. The possibilities run as deep as the heart and as endless as love. Your responses add so much to my blog and I hope you will keep checking in with your thoughtful insights.

Five Things I Love about Whip Up Mini Quilts

  1. Participating as a contributor. I don’t usually make small quilts but I enjoyed the challenge of translating my passage quilting™ process into something very focused, and intimate, the birth of my friend’s first child and pregnancy. See my guest post on whippp.net, Quilt Making Heals.
  2. The physical structure of the book. It’s spiral bound, lies flat, has beautiful photography by Leigh Beisch, and includes a cute folder of patterns. It’s a great workbook.
  3. Kathreen’s writing and coverage of all the basics. This book not only features projects but it is chock full with all the general and specific information on techniques. There is a stitch dictionary, a complete section on bindings, and useful information on everything from English paper piecing to dye techniques.
  4. The amazing and diverse projects featured in this book. My favorites are the Loopy Quilt by Betz White, Granny’s Delight by Nicole Vaughan, Two Heads Are Better than One by Boo Davis, and  Warbler Quilt by Sarah Steedman.
  5. This book inspires play. You may or may not want to make exact copies of the mini-quilts featured in this book. You will be inspired to plop down at your work table to play, with your materials right away, and whip up a mini quilt in a day!

Check it out!

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2 Responses to Whip Up Mini Quilts Givaway Winner & Book Review

  1. Kim says:

    I love this book……great projects from some very talented ladies…..I first saw it on the Sillboodilly’s blog and I think Victoria so very creative.

    Happy sewing

  2. Beth T. says:

    Thanks for the review. This is going right onto my wish list. And congrats, Loretta!

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