Mini Keepsake Quilt-Along ~ Passage Quilting™ Tutorial ~ Part 2

In Part 1 of the Mini Keepsake Quilt-Along, I cut my clothing into sections according to the architectural features I wanted to highlight. Now it is time to improvise a pattern based on those features to create blocks or sections.

Tips on Improvisation

  • Improvisation is simply creating without a pre-determined pattern.
  • Take the piecing process one step at a time. (Don’t over plan.)
  • Allow yourself to be surprised by the outcome. There are no mistakes.
  • Follow your heart. Find your rhythm of attention.

Creating Sections

  • Start with any feature that resonates strongly with you.
  • Square off your feature by filling in curves or odd angles.
  • Continue to build and add to your section until you reach a sense of completion.
  • Once you complete one section set it aside and start on the next section.
  • Your finished sections should roughly have straight edges, but they can be any size or shape.

Curve Piecing Technique

  • Fill in the curve of a arm hole with a contrasting fabric.
  • Layer fabrics right sides up to cut the line of the curve.
  • Leave a 1/4 inch over hang on filler piece.
  • With right sides up chalk along the curve line.
  • Turn right sides together, match chalk marks and pin perpendicular to edge.
  • Ease fabric between pins and sew along pinned edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • Remove pins and iron seam in one direction.

Hand Piecing a Neckline

  • Arrange neckline on background fabric with right sides up. Pin in place.
  • Hand stitch with matching thread using a hidden applique stitch.
  • On backside carefully cut away as much bulk as possible from the collar.
  • Trim background material to within a 1/4″ of the appliqued seam.

Next Monday, in Part 3 of the Mini Keepsake Quilt-Along, we will arrange and build sections like a puzzle into finished mini quilt. On Wednesday I’ll announce the winner of the Whip Up Mini Quilt Book giveaway along with a review of the book.

Did you learn anything about the way you see patterns by following your rhythm of attention? Any surprises? Please share!

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