YOSS2011 MAR 5/24

3.6-3.30.2011 Gave two lectures at the California College of Art ~ guest blogger on WhipUp.net ~ visited my family in SC ~ celebrated my birthday with friends in NC ~ test drove a million used cars (not really) ~ bought a car in NC ~ drove across country in four days ~ ate BBQ in Memphis ~ bought beautiful yarn for a scarf from Tutto in Santa Fe ~ featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

and knitted the fifth sock of 2011.

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Share a personal highlight from March, for a chance to win a pair of hand-knit socks!

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12 Responses to YOSS2011 MAR 5/24

  1. Amber says:

    In March, I spent spring break at my mom’s, thankful that she was helping with my kids, and watching too much detective tv with her at night.

  2. Are those your yellow fingernails knitting in the Chronicle? And such great mending!
    March is always a month I’m grateful for in Shanghai: I volunteer for the Literary Festival at M on the Bund so it’s a month of weekends full of learning & reading & hearing great stories from writers from all over the world…plus great food.

  3. Nancy says:

    Tai chi refresher has energized me. Working out how to present a series of photographic portraits for a small exhibit. Enjoyed a visit to see the almond and peach blossoms in Capay valley.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice visit in NC. NC is a great place to be, we moved here 6 years ago and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Very nice socks.

  5. Laura Lane says:

    ravelry: harvestlanelaura

    I love the brown! You simply must finish this pair.

    I’ve been learning to knit stockings for Christmas.

    I’m using Hollyberry red right now.

  6. Mary P says:

    Welcomed my new baby girl to the world, and adjusted to being a mom.

  7. Linda says:

    I sewed two dresses and sent them to my daughter who is studying in Morocco for the semester. She loves them (whew) and feels dressed in love; isn’t that lovely?
    I also visited a lighthouse and appreciated the hard work and resourcefulness of the people who have lived and worked there in times past. Their handmade lives seem so full of value.

  8. Kimberj says:

    My personal highlight from March? I booked an art quilt show for august, my first ever!

  9. blandina says:

    More and more I love knitting socks and I am experimenting with different needles sizes. Sooner or later I will be knitting with a wool as fine as yours, and try the lovely patterns that you show on your posts.

  10. Beth T. says:

    My first letter arrived from my brother Daniel, who is in boot camp. On my side of things, I had made a (private) commitment to write to him twice a week (at least), and to his wife and mother as well, and as I’ve done so I’ve received sweet, funny, supportive, loving letters in response. I can feel our circle growing stronger, and I know this will help sustain Daniel during his enlistment and (shiver and sigh) deployment.

  11. Anna says:

    I set up a display of my paintings at our local cafe… planted sugar snap peas out in the yard… visited my baby nephew and sis & brother-in-laws… :)

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