YOSS2011 FEB 3/24

2.1-1.15.2011 Signed a lease on my own live/work space ~ bike ride to Alemeda ~ packed up the household stuff ~ my first night living in the East bay ~ dinner at Luna Park with my friend Ted ~ Holly Hughes at the Marsh ~ joined the nine-to-five commute by BART

and knitted the third sock of 2011.

Support me as I take the Year Of Stash Sock 2011 challenge by following my year-long sock knitting spree for a chance to win a pair of hand-knit socks. To enter the giveaway, simply comment with a personal highlight occurring during the two week period featured in this post. BONUS: Comment on ALL 24 bi-monthly YOSS2011 updates and double your chances to win! See the giveaway rules for more info. Subscribe to the YOSS2011 RSS feed.

Share a personal highlight from the first half of February, for a chance to win a pair of hand-knit socks!

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19 Responses to YOSS2011 FEB 3/24

  1. Amber says:

    Love the rust red heel and toe. Never would have thought of it, but it works very very nicely with the greys and turquoise.

  2. Artwork finally arrives in St Louis…so great to finally get to see the show materialize…and you have only 2 more socks to go before your year of sock knitting is complete!

  3. Laura of Harvest Lane says:

    Knitting knitting knitting in the cold cold cold.

  4. KimberJ says:

    My personal highlight of the week was finishing the nightmare of medical reimbursement paperwork I had to have done… yay me :)

  5. Beth T. says:

    I began piecing a grandmother’s flower garden quilt, using English paper pieced hexagons. Ten flowers down, 97 more to go–and then the paths. Still, I’m on my way. And in retrospect, I am so glad I began in February, while our cat was here to keep me company and become a part of the memory of this quilt. After 17 years together, she passed away last week. I’m still stitching, and know I’ll always think of her when I see this quilt.

  6. Amy Bogard says:

    I presented to some amazing students at the Arts Enterprise Summit last weekend in KC and finished a knitted fingerless mitt while on the plane! Now working on mitt #2 and enjoying your sock updates immensely!

  7. Mary B says:

    I celebrated my birthday with a delicious dinner and a great bottle of wine!

    Congratulations on your new space!

  8. Nancy says:

    Reading everything of Wright Morris I can lay my hands on; tai chi refresher; great anniversary celebration; enjoyed Shanghai House’s xiao lung bao, chicken wings and scallion pancake and went across the street to Balboa theatre for “The King’s Speech” for a great evening.

    Good luck with the new digs.

    • Nancy says:

      Oh and forgot Paula West at the Rrazz Room in Hotel Nikko–great performance with George Mesterhazy quartet. on though mid-march I think.

  9. Nice sock. This week I have been busy changing the layout of my patterns, started a 2 new sock designs, and starting the testing phase for a new girls sweater. I am looking forward to a nice relaxing day of spinning today for a new shawl.

  10. Linda says:

    My month-long holiday came to a close, and it was time to go back to school, and to get out all my sewing supplies and equipment, again, since my sewing space was no longer being used as a guest room. Getting my sewing mojo back, however, hasn’t been as easy to unpack.

  11. Heather says:

    Congrats on your new place! Are you ever efficient, managing to create socks while moving. (I knit socks too, so haven’t been entering your contest, but did a have a blissful week to myself this Feb. while my boyfriend went to Mexico.)

  12. Kimberj says:

    I finished a quilt I’ve been working on for 2.5 years!!!!! Its the first really big piece I’ve done. All my own design and sooooooo proud. Plan to do a posting on it soon. You inspired me to go for it and finish it! Thanks :)

  13. Heather says:

    A highlight is that my Mom and I completed a quilt top for a nephew’s wedding gift. Now just the backing, quilting, and binding! The wedding is in April.

    Of special joy to me is that I celebrated another birthday on Feb 9. After having gone through 2 years of cancer business, every birthday becomes especially dear and a happy surprise, too!

  14. Molly says:

    2.1.11 – 2.15.11. Celebrated my son’s birthday, hand quilted one and a half baby quilts, made cut out valentine cookies, took the dog to the vet for her limp, did my taxes.

    Hmmmm….. guess it was a slow month. I’m not a knitter and I covet hand made socks so here’s hoping!!

  15. Holly says:

    Having just learned the basics of quilting last month, I have just finished my first quilting project of which I feel really proud! I have found your work very inspiring as I endeavor to use entirely recycled fabrics/materials and teach myself a wide variety of sewing techniques. Thank you!

  16. jennifer rohlman says:

    Hi Sherri, I am enjoying your website this morning- The two things that I have done this month that have been my highlights are…I cut my hair short and….got a new tattoo :) Everybody is doing much better and staying healthy also, that is enough to praise about in it’s self! I cant wait to see you soon. I love you :)

  17. anna says:

    that’s a great looking sock, lady! And, well, gee… after almost vowing I’d probably never knit them myself, this week I took a leap and bought myself some sock yarn and itty bitty size 0 needles, after all. The beautiful hand dyed yarn was just too tempting, but those needles are scary… but perhaps seeing the yarn sitting here batting it’s eyelashes at me will inspire me to take the next step and actually knit it too!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Kathryn Maloney says:

    I was accepted into the Engineering World Health Summer Institute and will be spending my summer in Central America fixing broken medical equipment that was donated to local hospitals!

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