The Cat and the Knit Hat

I was in Cincinnati in early December leading a Passage Quilting workshop and visiting my friend and fellow artist Denise Burge. You gotta check out Denise’s quilts. Along with our friend Lisa, we visited a yarn store in Northern Kentucky called Knit On. Denise bought me this fantastic green, red, & gold worsted weight yarn as a Christmas gift and I promised to knit a hat from it. I took a break from knitting socks on #1 needles to knit this sweet little hat on #8s. It worked up in a few hours, using this free waffle hat pattern posted on Pickles. I’ve been getting tons of complements.

Knit On had plenty of beautiful yarn but the real draw was their super sweet, resident kitty, Tanner. I found out from her owner that Tanner is a girl, she weighs 21 lbs, and that “She was a normal little cat until we had her spayed. She is the victim of a hormone imbalance, we think.”

Isn’t she great? Love the Cat! Love the Hat!

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  1. Robin says:

    I love the hat and followed your link off the original waffle hat website. I am a semi-beginner knitter and want to try this pattern to challenge myself a bit more. I was wondering, did you use 2 strands of yarn for this? or just one strand of worsted weight? I was thinking of trying it with only the one strand of worsted weight, but wanted to know if it would really make a difference or not. Thanks! It looks great! I love the colors you used.

    • Sherri Lynn Wood says:

      I used one strand of worsted weight to knit most of the hat, but to get the contrasting red wraps I knitted in a fingerling weight strand of red at the beginning of the wrap rounds and knitted it in only on those rounds.

  2. Jennifer Deer says:

    super-cute hat, Sherri! And (duh) I LOVE that cat. Hope the SF winter is treating you well.

  3. Kristin L says:

    Thanks for the link to Denise’s work. I remember The Sower from a Quilt National. I’m very intrigued by her mixing of media, from Roan Mountain Matrix to the installations. Very interesting work.

  4. kelly says:

    i’m a northern kentuckian (living in texas) and i had no clue that shop existed! thank you!!

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