Veteran’s Day Virtual Sewing Circle

Join me for a virtual sewing circle in honor of our Veterans. Since 2004 I have worked with over a thousand people to stitch the names of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens who have died in the war, onto cloth coffins. Prayer Banner: MERCY, pictured above, is the second in series of  Prayer Banners. These memorials provide an embodied experience for communal bereavement of the losses we suffer individually and as a society due to war.

Even though the war in Iraq is supposedly over, deadly emotional ramifications continue to persist. Take a closer look at the project pictured below by artist Sebastian Errazuriz, via designboom.

It is startling to realize that in 2009 more soldiers killed themselves than were killed in active combat in Iraq. This fact was powerfully brought to my attention again as I listed to an interview on Fresh Air, earlier this week about Treating Vets For PTSD.

Join the Virtual Sewing Circle

Help me stitch the names of the fallen in Iraq for Prayer Banner: MERCY. To participate post a comment below and I will email you for your mailing address in order to send five names, along with the blank cloth coffins, thread, and a return-addressed envelope.

Stitching these names on your own or with your family and friends over Thanksgiving will provide an opportunity to compassionately connect with the families and the veterans who continue to struggle with the lingering devastation of war.

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16 Responses to Veteran’s Day Virtual Sewing Circle

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  2. I just recently discovered your blog and fell totally in love with you, your work, your style and the blog. I went back to your first post and am slowly reading my way through it. If you are still looking for stitchers, I’d be honored to help.

  3. I would very much like to participate in this!

  4. Lynda M O says:

    Helping would feel good. Thanks for counting me in.

  5. Deborah Haviland says:

    So glad to have found this project. I would be honored to participate.

  6. Amy Leigh says:

    I would be honored to help with this project too. Hope I’m not too late to participate!

  7. Kristin L says:

    I’d love to help too. My own artwork (which I haven’t yet shown on my blog) is currently about being a military spouse. I can relate to this and would be honored to participate.

  8. Lisa says:

    I have chills just looking at the photos – I would be honored to participate.

  9. Heather says:

    I would love to help but am Canadian. If you’re willing to accept my contribution please count me in.

  10. Nicole says:

    I would love to help.

  11. Nancy L says:

    count me in.. would like very much to participate..

  12. Deb says:

    One small way to honor those who gave so much, count me in.

  13. I’d be happy to embroider names for this project! My son is the same age as many of these men and women who are dying and being maimed. My mother’s heart aches for their families.


  14. Mary P says:

    I would be honored to participate.

  15. Mary says:

    I would love to help!

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