Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Wire Basket

I saw this wire basket in the kitchen at a friend’s house. I am inspired by the shifting perspective of the grid, and the curves of the onion.

View my archive of quilt pattern sketches and the images that inspired them. What’s inspiring you these days? And why? If you’ve blogged about it recently, include links to your post.

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3 Responses to Patchwork Sketchbook ~ Wire Basket

  1. Isabelle says:

    I immediately loved the geometric contrast between lines and curves but would not have imagined doing a quilt with this ! Your blog is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Sherri Lynn Wood says:

      Your blog is also inspirational Isabelle. I saw more than a few of your travel photos that could translate into some awesome quilts.

  2. Kristin L says:

    Cool. I have one of those baskets, but never saw a quilt design in it.

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