Torah Mantel Front Panels

Follow my process re-posts of the Beth El Synagogue Torah Mantels.

November 19, 2009

The first two front panels were originally one full mantel, but it took so long that the project was going over budget. I decided to cut the one into two and add a simpler pattern to either side that will wrap around the back.

When made into a three dimensional object only a narrow section of the design will be visible most of the time.

This made everything else go much faster, because there is less surface to design. Four out of five front panels are pieced. One more to go, then I’ll add the sides.

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4 Responses to Torah Mantel Front Panels

  1. Liz says:

    Hi – I am making a Torah mantle. Rather than cover the top with fabric, I am hoping to find a lovely wooden “head” I could attach the fabric mantle with, perhaps with velcro.

    I wonder if you might be aware of any source for something like that?

    • Sherri Lynn says:

      Sorry for my LONG delay in responding Liz. What an honor to be asked to make a Torah mantle. I had the wooden heads custom made by a friend of mine in Durham, NC. He did it as a favor and isn’t really in the custom business. I hope you were able to find a good source. I’m sure there must be some places to order such things. Warm regards!

  2. ruth rae says:

    These covers really turned out wonderful!
    I just found your blog and its a great inspiration busting with color! thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

  3. Susannah says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year…

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