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My moods so far this summer haven’t been fantastic, but on the upside my quilt is looking great. Using my moods to set color parameters has broken me out of my usual color preferences. These color combinations are not what I expected. I’m curious to hear from anybody out there who is quilting along with me, virtually or in reality. So here’s a giveaway to get you talking.

Modern Mood Quilt Giveaway

For your chance to win, choose your favorite color (it doesn’t have to be a color from my quilt) and tell me the range of emotions you associate with that color. If you are currently quilting along, how is your process unfolding? What have you learned about color? If you are following along virtually, has the project sparked any new ideas for you? The randomly chosen winner of the giveaway will receive a 1/2 yard of hand-dyed fabrics in the color range listed in their comment.

Bonus: Post a Mod Mood Quilt button on your blog and receive an additional 1/2 yard of hand-dyed fabric if you are the winner of the giveaway. Include a link to your post or blog in your comments.

This giveaway will be open until midnight on September 1, 2010.

Modern Mood Quilt Button

Here’s a quick access button for your sidebar with a direct link to the tutorials. Please help me spread the word. My blog is still quite new and the best is yet to come! Grab an alternative version of the button here.

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101 Responses to Mod-Mood Quilt Giveaway ~ Mod-Mood Quilt Button

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  2. Stephanie says:

    How can I get a copy of this pattern?

  3. my favorite color seems to lean toward the teal blue family.. light, darks, medium..

  4. I am so confused……………………………..guess quilting is my better choice than the pc.. I am so familiar with my fabric and my little machine “Clare”! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

  5. jackie says:

    I put your button on my side bar

  6. Melissa Meilleur says:

    My fave colors are anything yellow! I love bright vibrant yellows especially. It makes feels like sunny days are coming up, it fills me with energy and just makes me feels altogether joyful! :) I have not been quilting along, but HAVE been quilting. I had put a deadline to finish my daughter’s Bug and Garden quilt for August (which I managed to do!) and to finish a Ducks Around the World by Clotilde quilt for my baby to be (which I ALSO did). Yay!

  7. Je découvre votre travail et j’adore …
    Just discovering your work and I’m in love with …
    I’m just a French girl addicted to colors. I prefer the colors of seas and skies (another one of my addictions !) between green and blue. The odd thing is that I’m actually working with reds, isn’t strange ?
    I’ll be back soon …

  8. Angie says:

    Blues. Calm, peaceful, sad.

  9. MoeWest says:

    I love aqua for its tranquility. I like all blues really. They remind me of water and I love lakes and the ocean.

  10. anna says:

    saffron. egg yolk. mango. buttercup. nasturtium. all the shades in that family of glowing yellowy-orange.
    to me, this is the colour of creativity and passion, of unabashed, energetic LIFE, of embracing love, of choice; it is the colour that triumphantly shouts “YES!” with all her might at the sunset and then frolics off gaily into the dusk…

  11. LouAnn says:

    I love purple. It reminds me of princesses and castles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Debbie Gallett says:

    Lately I seem to be drawn to greens and blue greens.

  13. Karen Martin says:

    I am totally a blue person. I like with white for a crisp, fresh, clean look and I also use it a lot with tans to warm it up and be more vintage. It just seems classic to me and it makes me feel happy.

  14. Gloria Smith says:

    I love all colors but especially the bright clear colors – blue, pink, lime green! These colors are always uplifting and cheerful. I love making quilts with these color – the whole experience is exciting. It is more fun to create with colors that you love. I don’t use solids much – are more drawn to florals!!

  15. Mary Durham says:

    I love to work with red! It gives me a feeling of energy and excitement. It also looks so good with so many other colors- red and black – red and green- red and blue – red and browns – you get the picture.

  16. patty says:

    I love green in any shade, it’s so earthy, and calming to me. I am working on a quilt with a jungle theme for my grandson.

  17. Kate says:

    Turquoise is my all time favorite, all shades and color variations of it.

    • Sherri Lynn Wood says:

      But why is Turquoise your favorite? What draws you to it? How do you feel as you gaze at it or work with it?


    Purples and blues, purples and blues! Starry eyed, dreamy colors that always makes me think of beachy kinds of days! What a beautiful array of colors you’ve spread before our very eyes! Thanks for the display!!!
    Cathy in Waxhaw, NC

  19. JoEllen Cox says:

    I love all the blue–from turquoise to midnight-with just a smidge of gold or lavender!

  20. Sheri says:

    I love blues and greens. It reminds me of nature and seems cool and very comforting.

  21. Wendy says:

    I’m really into the tans/browns/taupes. It’s so fun to mix them with other colors.

    • Sherri Lynn Wood says:

      Wendy, why do you like tans, browns & taupes? Does their simplicity and quietness leave you with a feeling of space or openess or is it more about comfort perhaps?

  22. Wendy Finlay says:

    When I want to make a bright, happy quilt … usually for my daughters … I go for the bright pinks, reds, orange and yellow combinations. Sunny … just like I imagine my girls. When I want to imagine a warm, snuggly, comfy moment, I drag out the dark navies, forest greens and deep burgundies. I just made a bright and happy one for my daughter’s birthday earlier this month and posted a picture of it on my blog at Happy thoughts to you!

  23. Nancy says:

    My absolute favorite color is blue. I love a medium blue, leaning toward the tourquoise shading. It of course evokes emotions of peace, serenity, and a cooling effect. It would come as no suprise that I have a large selection of blues in my stash already…but for a color one loves, you can never have enough! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  24. Bette Gove says:

    I love blues, tourquoise, blue greens. feelings… calming, peace, relaxation. Reminds me of the carribean sea, the sky, & robins eggs.

    there are other colors I like too, but I’ll just stick with this one.


  25. betsy says:

    I like the blue tones. They make me feel serene and calm.

  26. Marcia W. says:

    My favorite color is blue in it’s many variations. Blue reminds me of the sky and water that surrounds us and is peaceful. I use blue in my bedroom to keep me calm and have a more restful sleep.

  27. MamaMel says:

    My favorite color is usually purple, but I have recently been drawn to most colors of blue, especially aquas and teals. I think they remind me of calm, relaxing places, like the beach. :)

    I put your button on my blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Mary D. says:

    Right now I love red. All reds. I don’t think I have an emotional response to red, but it really makes my eyes happy, and can make some beautiful flowers. My thoughts on color are that I can become very happy about another color when my current project is completed. I love color.

  29. Barb Colvin says:

    Green is my favorite. It is everywhere in nature, and evokes a whole gamut of feelings depending on the shade: muddy for turmoil, bright for energy, blue greens for serenity, yellow greens for happiness, etc. For me, greens are an expression of the variety of life.

  30. Judy Kirschmann says:

    I love the color red

  31. Linda D. says:


  32. Jorie says:

    My favorite color to use in quilting is blue, any and all shades! It is just so soothing and calming to me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Peggy Aront says:

    Hmm…I am a HUGE fan of fuschia :) It makes me happy and I try and throw a small swatch of it in everything I do. Can you just imagine an entire quilt made of fuschia?
    Peggy in NJ

  34. Pat says:

    As Granma to a brand new baby girl and another granddaughter on the way next month…PINK pink pink!!! Everything is PINK

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