Solstice Mending Tutorial

The solstice ritual is over. The shirt is off the mountainside and on the operating table. No more dreaming of mending and daisies.

Wrong side up – I had to surgically remove two small portions from the inner placket of the shirt-tail to use as patches for the two major moth eaten holes in my boyfriend’s shirt.

After carefully aligning the fabric “grafts” I covered the damaged areas with a light weight iron-on interfacing. (I also covered the cut-away on the interior shirt-tail placket with interfacing.)

Right side up – I used a blanket stitch to mend the major holes, and a satin stitch for the minor bites. I used a running stitch around the edge of the interfacing to hold it in place.

Wah-lah! and it’s ready to wear! I hope he get’s the job.

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